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Daily Routinee your personal

Staff Member
I have a question for you all.

What is your daily routine in regards to the Bible? Do you spend quiet time with the Lord? Do you pray daily? Any morning or evening devotionals? Please share your personal experience.
I will share mine I hope you do as well Chad.

every morning from aprox 5am to 6 or 630 depending I read the word and then I pray I also have a prayer list.

then in the evening I pray and do my prayer list as well.

usually when I get home from work I do a quick prayer as well, just a thankfully one. usually.
Each morning I have private prayer and Bible reading time. Each evening I also have a special time for Bible reading and prayer. During the time in between those two I try to talk to the Lord as often as He comes to mind. I also frequently work on special Bible studies between times.The length of time varies as I do try to let Him have the control. I keep on asking the Lord to help me do the impossible that is: To pray without ceasing and rejoicing in Him always.
When I get up in the morning the Lord usually has a Christian song or hymn playing in my mind which goes with where I am reading in scripture for that day. So, I read the lyrics to the song, and then I read in the Bible right where I left off reading the day before. I read book by book and chapter by chapter. I pray and I ask him to speak his words to my heart and to teach me what he wants me to learn from his word. I pray for any requests which are on my heart at that time, too. As I read the passage I pray through what I have read, thanking and praising the Lord, praying for understanding, sometimes crying when what I read touches my heart in some way, and sometimes voicing my requests to him concerning what I am reading and how it might apply to my life or the lives of those I love. Then, I begin to write out what he teaches me as he speaks to me through the passage. When I am finished writing what he has taught me, I post it on the internet for the encouragement of others. Then, as I go throughout my day I talk with him and he talks with me about life, love, attitudes, actions, etc. I continue in prayer for people throughout the day and for guidance, wisdom, and direction, etc. Sometimes later in the day he will speak with me again through a song and I will read the Bible and he has something personal for me which is usually in answer to a prayer or in response to something which is heavy on my heart, and so he encourages and strengthens me through these times.
Hi brother,
I make it my duty to read the bible daily. The Lord is always revealing so much to me through His Word. When dawn arises, I give thanks and pray. Afterwards, I read a morning devotional. Once I'm dressed for work, I pray again before leaving home. When I get free time during work, I meditate on the Lord's Word, and there are times when I step into the back office to pray. Once I make it home from work, I read an evening devotional and pray afterwards. Right before bed, I read another devotional (which I call my nightly devotional). I pray again, and then it's lights out. I always wake up throughout the night, so when this happens I might pray, speak to the Lord, or be still so that He can speak to me.

My life has completely changed since I have made Jesus the Head of my life! (My mind is always centered on pleasing Him.) It's extremely important to have a relationship with God!
For my quiet, personal time. I mostly listen to a audio Bible.

But I am in two Bible study groups, and a fairly active Sunday school class.
So most of my Bible reading pertains to subjects and questions raised during these times.

We usually pray the wisdom and understanding prayer before each Bible study and Sunday school, but
most of my prayer time is away from reading time. Sometimes it's at home, but often it's driving to work,
or even at work sometimes. I'm also in a weekly prayer group. It's not a Bible study at all. Prayer only.

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