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Daily In Your Presence/ROSE OF SHARON

Staff Member

I am a rose of Sharon.
Song of Solomon 2:1

My child, come to the garden often. I love to walk and talk with you there. In the garden I can share some of My richest and deepest secrets because your heart stills in the hush of My presence. I miss our time together when other priorities steal you away. Come, take your fill of My fragrance. And be sure to share it with others on your way.

Everywhere I look, the sweet fragrance of Your presence fills up my senses. And when I come to Your garden, Lord, just You and I alone, I can savor every velvet petal. Even the thorns pressed deeply on Your brow could not destroy the essence of Your perfume. Breathe Your fragrance through my life, Lord. You are my rose of Sharon.


A garden kissed by the Son will always produce fragrant flowers.

For more from Rebecca, please visit Rebecca Barlow Jordan - Author, Speaker, Greeting Card Writer
My favorite ornamental tree is called the Rose of Sharon, amoung many other names such as althea trees, its scientific name is hybiscus syricus if you are interested in looking them up or getting yourself some. I grow them and I have the ones with pink flowers with purple centers. I have them all around my house and when I see them in bloom sometimes it reminds me of that scripture. Hummingbirds love them too.

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