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Daily In Your Presence/FLAME

Staff Member

Their Holy One [will become] a flame;

in a single day it will burn

and consume his thorns and his briers.

Isaiah 10:17

My child, we've sat together by the "fire" many times—some days enjoying the warmth of a physical fireplace, other times holding hands at the bedside of a dying loved one. I am also a flame, a fire to light the hearts of people who are cold and distant, and a destroyer of accumulated trash in the rooms of My children's hearts. But whatever I do, I always act in love. Never forget that, My child. You'll be pleased with the end result if you'll let Me be God.

You are an eternal flame, Lord. While Your wrath leaves only ashes in the path of Your enemies, Your flame burns brightly in my heart, warming up the coldness and apathy I've allowed to grow. Lord, You are the flame of my life.


If God isn't the consuming fire in your heart, maybe you need to put out some other flames.

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