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Daily Bread (Two Gardens)

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Two Gardens

The Lord God planted a garden eastward in Eden, and there He put the man whom He had formed. —Genesis 2:8

Two gardens are mentioned prominently in the Bible: the garden of Eden and the garden of Gethsemane. God placed the first man, Adam, in the garden of Eden; Jesus went into Gethsemane to restore what the first man had lost.

The first Adam sinned in the garden; the last Adam took this sin upon Himself. The garden of Eden had the tree of life, which man could have enjoyed forever had he not broken fellowship with God. The garden of Gethsemane was a step toward the tree of death (Acts 5:30; 1 Peter 2:24). By Adam's transgression, he forfeited his right to the tree of life and brought death to all mankind. He who hung on the tree of Calvary conquered death and by His glorious resurrection restored the tree of life to all who believe.

The garden where Adam fell is gone from the earth, but there is a glad day coming when He who suffered alone in Gethsemane will restore all things. The curse will be lifted from the earth, the animals will again be docile (Isaiah 11:6-8), the deserts will disappear (Isaiah 35:6), the earth will yield her increase abundantly (Amos 9:13), and Jesus will be here personally to bless His people (Revelation 21:3).

What Adam lost, Jesus will restore. —M. R. De Haan, M.D.

Adam was God's first man in creation—
He through sin brought death to all mankind;
Jesus came to earth to bring salvation:
Trusting Him, eternal life we'll find. —Hess

God formed us; sin deformed us; Christ transforms us.
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Shortlady I feel the need to let you know that I look forward to reading your posts ! I truly enjoy them they really make me thing and teach , remind me of what i need to know! You have a wonderful gift of writing them. Thank you for sharing