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Daily Bread (Read It Aloud)

Read It Aloud

Give attention to reading, to exhortation, to doctrine. —1 Timothy 4:13

We are blessed with many wonderful translations of the Bible these days, so it's hard for us to realize that for more than 350 years one version was used by much of the English-speaking world. Today some people recoil at the King James' "thees," "thous," and "verilys." Yet there is something beautiful about hearing it read aloud, especially familiar passages like the 23rd Psalm.

In God's Secretaries, author Adam Nicolson chronicles the King James translators' sensitivity to sound. He says that the 12 men sat around the room listening to the text being read aloud. They felt that what governed the acceptability of a particular verse was not only accuracy to the original language, but a pleasant sound of the words.

Paul understood the power of the spoken Word. To the young pastor Timothy he instructed public Bible reading: "Till I come, give attention to reading, to exhortation, to doctrine" (1 Timothy 4:13).

The Word of God stirs the heart when it enters the believer's ear. So whatever version you're reading in your quiet time, in family devotions, or in a church service, remember the power of the spoken Word. Look for opportunities to read it aloud. —Dennis Fisher

We need to take the time each day
To read God's Word and pray,
And listen for what He might say
To guide us on our way. —Sper

God speaks through His Word—take time to listen.
God's Word is awsome and I do love to read it outloud.

It's better to occupy your time with than television and I like to spread it throughout the house like an air freshener.

I read it to my girls before bed time, what better thoughts to go to sleep on.

I read it when they are sleeping, believing that it is traveling through their hearing, even while being unconcious, and enters into the brain to be recorded.

I wonder, somtimes, when I read to them while they are sleeping, if they are dreaming about the very thing(s) I am reading.

They say that everything that is heard through the ear(s) gets recorded in the brain. I want God's Word to be recorded in my childrens' brains.

Excellent thread, shortlady!


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