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Daily Bread (No Need Is Too Trivial)

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No Need Is Too Trivial

As a father pities his children, so the Lord pities those who fear Him. —Psalm 103:13

Several mothers of small children were sharing encouraging answers to prayer. One woman admitted that she felt selfish when she troubled God with her personal needs. "Compared with the huge global needs God faces," she explained, "my circumstances must seem trivial to Him."

Moments later, her little son pinched his fingers in a door and ran screaming to his mother. She didn't say, "How selfish of you to bother me with your throbbing fingers when I'm busy!" No, she showed him great compassion and tenderness.

As Psalm 103:13 reminds us, this is the response of love, both human and divine. In Isaiah 49, God said that even though a mother may forget to have compassion on her child, the Lord never forgets His children (v.15). God assured His people, "I have inscribed you on the palms of My hands" (v.16).

Such intimacy with God belongs to those who fear Him, and who rely on Him rather than on themselves. As that child with throbbing fingers ran freely to his mother, so may we run to God with our daily problems.

Our compassionate God doesn't neglect others to respond to your concerns. He has limitless time and love for each of His children. No need is too trivial for Him. —Joanie Yoder

No heart too small, no world too wide
To feel the Master's touch;
Dear Lord of all, we give Thee thanks
For Thou hast sent so much. —Michael

God bears the world's weight on His shoulder, and He holds His children in the palm of His hand.
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