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Daily Bread (Grooves Of Grace)

Grooves Of Grace

I discipline my body and bring it into subjection. —1 Corinthians 9:27

A man was traveling in Canada one springtime when frost and melting snow made it nearly impossible to drive farther. He came to a crossroads and saw a sign that said, "Take care which rut you choose. You will be in it for the next 25 miles." That's a wise warning for all of us—and not just when we're driving in rough road conditions.

Whenever we come to a crossroads in life, what choice do we make? In other words, in what direction will we travel and what habits—which ruts of routine—will we establish?

A habit is a pattern of behavior that we follow consistently. We need to decide prayerfully what habits we will practice. Will our habits be mere ruts of routine? Or will they become "grooves of grace"?

Paul referred to his life's journey as a race. He learned that the only way to stay the course was to "discipline [his] body and bring it into subjection" (1 Corinthians 9:27). That implied establishing a consistent pattern of godly behavior.

Good health habits are important, but spiritual disciplines are far more important. Are we choosing to develop consistent habits of prayer, Bible reading, and kindness?

A habit is just a rut of routine. But good spiritual discipline can transform our ruts into grooves of grace. —Vernon Grounds

Lord, keep me in Your groove of grace,
The chosen path for me;
Your will I daily will embrace
Until eternity. —Hess

In the beginning we make our habits; in the end our habits make us.

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