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Daily Bread (A Glimpse Of God's Love)

A Glimpse Of God's Love

He who glories, let him glory in the Lord. —2 Corinthians 10:17

Nadine was in the last stages of cancer when I met her. The doctor said chemotherapy would no longer help. She was a dedicated Christian and had a wonderful peace from God. She spent her last weeks making scrapbooks for her adult daughters and planning her memorial service.

Nadine's joyful spirit was inviting to be around, and people looked forward to spending time with her. She kept her sense of humor and always shared the ways that the Lord was meeting her needs. She gave everyone around her a glimpse of God's loving character.

When a man who had been born blind was healed by Jesus, he too had the opportunity to show others a glimpse of who God is (John 9:1-41). Neighbors asked, "How were your eyes opened?" (v.10). He told them about Jesus. When Pharisees questioned him, he told them how Jesus had given him sight, and concluded, "If this Man were not from God, He could do nothing" (v.33).

We may wonder how we can show others what God is like. God can be clearly seen in the way we handle life's difficulties, such as problems at work or home, or perhaps a serious illness. We can share with others how He is comforting us—and let them know that the Lord cares for them too.

Who in your life needs to see the love of God? —Anne Cetas

Believers who are Spirit-filled
Are unaware that God may be
Revealing through their Christlike ways
A glimpse of His reality. —Hess

You can be a glimpse of God's love to someone.

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