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Dad's Surgery

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Hi all. My Dad, Rob, has surgery tomorrow (Friday) at 10am pacific time. He's been told this surgery is very painful. If anyone can pray with me for God keeping my Dad safe, helping the Doctor's, and easing any pain my Dad may have, I'd really be grateful.Thanks. God Bless.

Will keep him in my prayers, Surgeries are never easy for yourself or a family member, May God be with the surgeons, during his surgery.. God Bless, Suzeva
i know how it feels to have a very important person in your life undergoing such a precedure. I will pray and am praying as I type this message. God Bless,
I will pray for your dad.

Lord I ask you to give him peace and the doctors wisdom. That You will give him a speedy recovery and healing with little pain.

In Jesus name amen
Your dad will be in my prayers Justin. I pray that the surgery goes fine and he has a fast recovery as well.
God bless,
I will be glad to pray for Him. May God bless him.
ps Soryy for my late responce.

your sis in CHist, Julie.:love:

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