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Crucifying the old Adam Washing our Robes

I live in what has been called the city of Churches.It should be no suprise that I do not attend a regular congregation nor have I taken communion for sometime.It is in Chad's ten commandments not to slam Christians.I have two uncles who are ministers and a grandfather I never met who Helped build a church for simple folk.He preferred Eateries with beer himself lol.I have just about had every kind of Christian experience possible where I live.The result is I have found the holy spirit lacking in a majority of local congregations.I have talked to many WEll known Elders and found them unsaved.No matter How many books they have written.There is no replacement for a being given a new heart and be willing to go through hell for everyone you meet just like Jesus did.He warned us saying just as a man estimates if he has the ability and resources to build a house we should really consider what we can do for The Mission OF the Messiah.Not everyone is called to the Battlefield extreme.I have ,and wouldn't trade it and all the sufferings for anything.It Is Mine.I have initially been Saved by grace and had not the ability to do it on my own.But I have in my new heart given my life up voluntarily in free will..It's not always fun battling in the spiritual realms but in order to survive the test it's good to find humour in somethings. But I reiterate what is mine is mine I earned it thats how "works" are.I really dont think many of the people involved in the Graduate theological union here are going to make it.I couldnt give you exact numbers but the place has become an abomination.The Latest Jesus conference was a "Lets make Jesus in our own sinning image conference".Im going back to the Church where I was born again on the radio.I happened to meet a pastor who knows the pastor I was listening to on the radio when I saw the Light.Shalom I hope these words are helpful and not considered Christian slamming.I could give details of my experiences but they are not appropriate for the children who visit this site.Shalom JHS CHristan