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Staff Member
My experience with Crossings.com (supposedly a Christian book club).

First, I joined because the deal seemed unbeatable. Low and behold it was more of a beating in the end. I had ordered my first required order of 5 books and paid immediately online for that oder. Next thing you know I am getting a bill for $75 and change for 3 books that I NEVER ordered. Customer service said I did not respond to a mailing to refuse the order before they shipped it. What kind of unethical practice is this? I have obligated to respond to a mailing to refuse an order of their choice?

They threatened me with collections and bad credit on my credit report with the 3 major credit beareaus. I decided to finally just pay of the $75 and get it over with. What happens now? One week later I get *** FIVE BOXES *** (not books, BOXES) of orders once again that I never ordered NOR did a "mailing" come in for me to refuse. Naturally, the invoices were in the boxes the same.

$35.80 (yet the box labeled "free book inside")

Keep in mind the $75 and change I paid for 3 other books they sent me without my ordering them.

This company is nothing but a fraud and crooks. I am left with no choice but to contact a lawyer about this to protect my credit report. This is disgusting.

I highly suggest you stay away from the crooks and stick with a local bookstore. This company pulls unethical, manipulative tactics and just a bunch of liars. There are no phone numbers for contact either, no responses to email as well.

Taken from their "member agreement":

Begin by selecting your 4 books for $.99 . Plus, get a FREE book! You will be billed (including $10.96 shipping and handling for your introductory package) when your membership has been approved. All we ask is that you agree to buy just 4 more books at regular club prices during your membership. Take up to 2 years! Of course, you can order more books than 4 and save up to 40% on all of them. You fulfill your membership commitment when you buy 4 more books, and you may cancel at any time after that.

No kidding! So suddenly I have nealry two dozens books in less than 3 months? Funny.

Reduce your Commitment NOW

Select an additional book now for just $5.99 (plus shipping and handling), and reduce your commitment to only 3 more books over the next 2 years!

They obligated me, without my actual order - and done this for me about 4 times over now.

Ordering is risk-free. If you want the Featured Selections, do nothing; we'll send them to you automatically. If you want another book - or no book at all - reply by the specified date via the website or by returning the reply card enclosed with every catalog. You'll always have 10 days to decide. If your member reply card is late and unwanted books arrive, you can return them at our expense and we'll credit your account.

Well, apparently they do not acknowledge that when done online nor reply to emails. How should one proceed thereafter?


I hope this is a reasonable warning for you all. These "member clubs" are just ridiculous and all full of hidden games.
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Hey Chad, for good deals and no pressure try Christian Book Distributors, big big savings.
Hey Chad,
You can actually just write return to sender on the boxes and send them back at their expense, that is you have not opened them yet. I have done that before and it works and it is legal as well.
Peace be with you,
Chad I am having the same problem! My bill is $145 these are books Inever orfered and never received. I tried canceling my "contract" with them before this happened and for each invoice afterwards. This has been going on for months. So if you brother find a way to fix your situation please let me know.

Jiggyfly are they (the place you mentioned) a club? Where every month they try and make you buy something?

Joyfully ~ Jlu
Gee guys, I was just thinking of re-joining Crossings. I've been a member before & occasionally had some problems, but they were resolved easily enough. I think after reading your posts, I will give more thought to rejoining.

Regarding Jiggyfly's mention of Christian Book Distributors - I've used them in the past also (can you tell I love books??). I've never had a problem with them. They are not a club, just a sort of "warehouse" of books. They sell at reduced rates & their prices are by far the best around. Just type the name in your search engine & request a catalog. They sell homeschool supplies also.
Staff Member
Dont' worry folks. Talk Jesus bookstore is coming very soon. I will make sure you are happy and get something valuable for your money. Consider it a promise. I am going to try to work with Spread the Word Ministries to get something started.
Hi - could you suggest some quality books you've come across? I love books but lately haven't read anything uplifting or edfying. Thanks so much.
does anyone know of a lending library? as much as I love books, I am finding it to be extremely expensive...
Staff Member
Best thing to do is visit your local library then. I'm sure you'll find many great books
Pray online kids is a good resource for youth groups and home group bible studies . :love: :boy_hug: Mike
Staff Member
These people at crossings.com are CROOKS!

We received your $75.68 payment. Please be assured it was applied to your account.

The products were sent to you when we did not receive your response to your Member Reply Forms by the due date, declining the shipments. Please be sure to respond to the Reply Forms promptly any time you do not wish to receive the Featured Selections. This will save you the bother of returning unwanted products.

When returning the shipments, the condition of the packages will determine the steps you will need to take so that your account can be properly credited.

- If any portion of the package has been opened, including the envelope, reseal the package and go to your local U.S. Post Office to have the appropriate postage applied. The Post Office will not deliver packages without correct postage.

Please send books, video and music separately from merchandise products, and make sure your name, address, and account number are in the proper places. We'll credit your account for the returns as soon as your packages are received.

Please feel free to contact us again, if you have any additional questions or concerns."

What a bunch of liars. Just like if you respond ot the card they will not send the books. Odd, I received no cards but 5 BOXES of books! They even charged me for the FREE BOOK!!!

Do NOT do business with this company ever!