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Cross Gender Area?

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Janette, May 7, 2008.

  1. Hi Chad,

    It occurs to me that this site has a section for men to talk to men (men only) and for women to talk to women (women only), but no place for them to talk to each other that isn't *topic* specific or "singles" specific.

    But I was thinking it would be useful to have an area where people could pick the brains of the opposite gender so they could say "get a woman's/man's opinion" about things from a Christian perspective.

    Sometimes I'll see something out in the world that's about Leadership or something like that and I'd love to hear what Christian men think of it - but such questions just don't seem to fit in Bible Study or Scriptural Answers - because it's usally more about applying Biblical principle to some real life application than it is about studying a Bible verse/passage.

    Anyhoo, just a thought.

  2. Look for the Lounge on the forum index Janette. That's where these type of discussions will fit in.

    Maybe Chad could just clarify if my thought about this is correct ;)
  3. I think the Lounge area would be good for that. You see, too many categories on the home page will make the forums look too complex. I like to keep things simple, yet precise as possible. Your suggestion is a good idea, but for now we'll stick in the lounge on that.

    If you have a question targeting men, you can call the thread something like "question for men".
  4. lounge

    Gotcha and thanks, I'll give it a look :)

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