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Crooked painter

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There once was crooked painter. He was a con-man who took advantage of older people.
He told them he would paint their houses really good. But usually he would start late in the evening
and it was always dark when he finished. He would paint entire houses with just one or two gallons of paint.
He would just add thinner to it to make it stretch out over all the house. Some times there was more thinner
than paint!! Then in the morning when the people got up to check out the paint job, they would see what
a terrible job he did. The paint was so thin, that you could see the old paint in most places. But they
had already paid the painter, and he wouldn't give their money back.

One night a strange glowing ball of light appeared in his hotel room. The ball said "Wake up!!"
The painter was frightened. The ball said "You have to quit cheating these people or else you're
going to die!!" The painter was trembling now. He asked the ball.. "What do I need to do?"
The ball answered....

.. Repaint, and thin no more...
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