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creche/school burnt down

I am writing this asking for a prayer request for my son's creche - It burnt down on Saturday. Mainly for the kids - they take the sudden change very badly.

All the kids bedding, mattresses, educational equipment, books, stationary, tv's, videos etc were all destroyed. Not to talk about the tables and chair and all the teachers equipment. There are four classes affected by this tragedy including the office, kitchen and the store-room. Only 2 rooms did not sustain any damage as it is a separate building. The amount of kids affected is around 40 in total.

It is still one of the few Christian creches in our town.

The parents have replaced as much of the things that could be replaced or could afford to replace - we are still working on loads of the things that need to be replaced. Even thought the content was insured - most of the things will not be able to be replaced and the insurance will take some weeks to complete the claim.

The children are currently receiving their lessons in a local scout-hall on the floor. Some parents will be providing carpets for the kids to sit on and some parents are providing the extra blankets.

What makes matters worse is - is that the building will not be repaired - they going to demolish it. The police suspects someone started the fire ......

I also want people to pray the principle and staff of the creche as they are the ones that must worry about all the above - coping with the change, loss of equipment and all the upset children. The kids affected by this is between the ages of 3 and 6. The little ones babies and toddler classes are luckily not affected by the damage.

Thank yoy in advance for all the prayers
Eagle, I pray that God will bless you all richly and restore the damage and heal the hurt :love: Im sorry that happened, may God comfort all included in this mess :love:
Hi Eagle, I'll be praying. God never closes one door without opening another & I firmly believe nothing happens without there being a reason that God can ultimately be glorified. He will prepare & provide.
God really does turn all things to our good when we are praying and submitting unto him. He is THE LORD!

Praise his Name!
Staff Member
I received your email and replied sister. Your all in my prayers.

God bless you!
I am praying as well eagle. God will open another door. Like saphire said, He allowed this for a purpose and a reason. Nothing goes by without His consent. I am praying sister. I thank the Lord that nobody was hurt in this tradgedy.
NO... thats really upsetting to hear for the lil kiddies @ leats is what i mean but as well for the oldies two.. in ways...
i will eb praying for you too liek for your request i mean...

Love Simon!!!