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Creating Our Life

Creating Our Life

*** FOR BOBBIE ***

As I watch everyone around me caught up in the hustle of life, I have to wonder. On that day long ago when our lives became one, what made us different? How do we keep our own little world so sane?

We joined together, held hands, and entwined hearts. We put up a hedge of love. No matter what is going on in life, our home is safe. We protect each other. I wonder why everyone doesn't do this. Don't they realize how wonderful it is? I depend on you, you depend on me, and together we have created peace.

Then we created two little joys. They brought trouble, noise, and heartache to our world. They also brought unconditional love, immeasurable laughter, and tons of smiles. There are moments I wonder if we'll stay sane. But most days and times I wonder how we thought our life was complete before them.

But is our life complete? No, I don't think so either. We have years to do things, and so many choices to make. We will try to control our life with all of the decisions yet to come. And I wonder how laughable that is. We have no control - never did.

Our Heavenly Father brought us together and created the peace between us. He also created our two little ones and everything they brought with them. And He will create what is yet to come. He gives us the choice to accept His gifts or not.

But I wonder, how could we not?

Author Unknown

Submitted by Richard

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