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Create Your Own Bible Reading Plans

I went looking for a plan to read my Bible in 120 days this morning and found this site while I was at it.

It lets you create your own plans in just a few clicks: enter the books of the Bible you want to include and the length of time and dates you want your plan to encompass. You can save them on-site.

I printed a the 4-month plan I created this morning from my phone.

My Bible Plans
Staff Member
Thank-you Sister for this link.
There have members in the past who have asked about how they should go about reading the Bible and methods for doing so. This looks to be right up their alley! I'm sure it will benefit many!
Thanks for sharing!

With the Love of Christ Jesus.
I've done several methods throughout the years. Cover to cover a few times, and then I came up with my own plan which included separating the bible into three parts: History (Genesis-Esther), Poetry and Prophets, and the New Testament. I would read a book from one group, then a book from the next. So it started out like this:

Genesis, Job, Matthew
Exodus, Psalms book one, Mark
Leviticus, Psalms book two, Luke
...and so on

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