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Could you pray for my friend's husband?

Discussion in 'Prayer Request' started by Alive4Jesus, Jan 25, 2018.

  1. Shalom!

    I have a friend of mùine whose the husband is very sick. Alan is his name and here is her last message:

    "Hi, Alan is still very sick. His Kidneys are damaged and he needs dialysis. He is still on the critical list in intensive care. I am going to visit him again in a little while. When I went this morning he asked me to leave because he was tired. But the good news is that Michael has moved back today from the South of Germany. He has a job locally. "

    Both are old and live in Germany.
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  2. Michael is their son and, I have got this information today in the afternoon..
  3. @Alive4Jesus

    Praying for this situation. Our God is able.
  4. Glad to pray!
  5. Praying for Alan freind !
  6. Thanks a lot and please keep on praying for Alan!
  7. I asked Trish his wife when I asked about his health and here is the latest reply I have just got from her: "Not really. His temperature is higher today and the infection is still in his blood. He is still very sick. But we are still optimistic.
  8. Shalom to everyone.

    I am very sad to inform you that Alan died a week ago. Thanks very much for all your kind and powerful prayers. She asked me to pray his rest but we now we have to pray for her faith to bee and remain strong into our Saviour and Lord through the Holy Spirit we received from our Lord God.

    Be blessed into the Messiah,

    Your brother

    Matthew 10:1-12
  9. Thanks for the update brother sorry for your loss and Godbless
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  10. Sorry for the loss, but he will suffer no more.
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  11. Dear Brad Huber,

    I agree with your saying and hope we will meet in the Lord God`s Glory. For now Trish the widow really needs our prayers.
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  12. Amen!

    And may Yahweh our Lord GOD also bless you and your whole family. For sure Alan got his peace from the Almighty.
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  13. Sorry to hear this. While I know that natural death is part of God's plan, I also know from personal experience that losing someone who is close to us leaves an empty place in those still here that nothing can really fill. I am praying for those affected by this loss.
  14. I am very grateful. Indeed Alan, Trish and I never met face to face. It was only a plan but we do not have enough money to met. However Trish ibecame such a real friend I mean someone I s a real live with and meet every day. I fear she dies because we meet. She is very old and, maybe I am wrong but,, Alan is her third husband who dies.
  15. Greetings @Alive4Jesus

    Thank you for sharing so caringly for your friend.

    Praying that peace and comfort will abound

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  16. Yes, and this makes it perhaps even more painful because you never met face to face, but there may indeed be another day in another place! God knows...
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  17. AMEN!
  18. Praying for healing.
  19. So sorry to hear this. I pray for her to be strong in the Lord and in his mighty strength.
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  20. AMEN!
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