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could black matter be the back ground for creation?

My understanting of intention of space and mind

Due to the (implosion)which is the intention occurring within the centre of space from every angle,From the coldness causing a vacuum to concentrate space creating black matter and due to the vacuum forces causing friction, heat energy and light within the black matter of the centre of space (black hole)
It would look like a dark cloud with energy occurring in the centre like lightning
the energy would travel outwards from the centre of this black thick cloud (black matter) as heat expands outwardly.This creates an abode around the centre of space (black hole), meaning a ring around the depth of darkness. As more masses of energy is created within the vacuum of space (black hole) the external abode becomes greater and greater in masses of heat energy ,light due to the up building of internal energy masses, to a point of external reflection back inwards towards the vacuum (black hole) creating forces of internal and external depths.
In return at different pressure points (energy level of masses) come to oxidation between nitrogen and hydrogen creating ammonia and oxygen by the changing of atom tries, meaning compounds to elements due to added energy masses (changing matter forms, evolve state of being) as travelling up the chain to the abode until solid matter becomes acids, liquids, gases, until purified liquids and pure gases, the closer to the abode the purer the form, as senses from feeling, seeing, hearing, smelling and tasting develops through changes of energy masses, causing higher spectrums and frequency in conjunction with the travelling sphere moving up the chain.As a new heaven and a new earth ,as the old heaven and earth has moved to the next stage liked roled up and scroll.
A everlasting system with no end, everlast light and life,We were born when God founded the earth and we were born as living cells, as we are in the same manner little (vacuums) for we have space of mind which we fill in by our own intentions of energy forms to create thoughts, thats why its so important to create pure intentions of thought as in one mind and one body of lord Jesus Christ, thats why it is so important to recieve holy spirit to recieve knowledge by reasoning of God through Christ Jesus by holy spirit, in the same light ,which is the fruitage and the glory for our Father through lord Jesus Christ.
For the kingdom of God is based on real power which is by the word,Christ Jesus,the word of the intention is from the beginning, we are created not only in the same image as or heavenly father but in the same (likeness), for he is the first and the last, the alpha and the omega, life is everlasting as light ever increasing over darkness. God said to Job 38; 4 where did you happen to be when I founded the earth?
Job 38; 21 did you come to know at that time you were being born which makes you days many,
Meaning to me we are as old as this earth, we were developed through different stages of senses aries due to energy masses increasing and changing the formation of matter.

Reasoning to understand to be understood through lord Jesus Christ
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Very Interesting Post. It is clear that you have investigated some aspects of matter. The actuality of matter is a very interesting subject. I will hopefully reply to this in a more thought out manner later. Be encouraged however, keep God in the center of this and you cannot go wrong. Be willing to accept the unacceptable(for now). Our ways are not His ways, our thoughts are not His thoughts. We understand so little, it is a great challenge. Be Blessed