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Corona Virus - Covid-19 - is there any good news to share?

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There sure is some good news...

With all the lock down, and being unable to go out of the home, except for necessities...
I am now getting 4 weeks to the gallon with my car. ;)

Stay safe Jesus loves us - now that is Good News.
A lot of lives are being saved too! I have only notice one Christian blogger has notice that with statistics to back it up. 100 of thousands. I have just been observing to see if any other Christians been noticing.
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So true @PloughBoy

On that positive note, every saved soul, must reach out to the lost, in prayer and by what ever other option the Lord provides.

Saved lives are so important.

Saved souls are extremely Important.

Lord knows, how many people are dying and have not accepted Jesus.

The virus can make us stop at home, it will not stop us praying.
And that means also that natural, God given immunity, is building up more so, by getting it and getting over it with the high recovery rate.