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Staff Member
Cornflower - November 14, 2005

The cornflowers in our front yard give a vibrant display of purple beauty for a few weeks each summer. Then they turn brown and the petals fall away, leaving the seed head perched on a spindly stalk which looks very unattractive. I considered cutting them at the base of the stalk, but first I read about this particular flower in my perennial garden book. It advised leaving the seed heads because birds enjoy eating these seeds. I thought, "okay, I'll do what the book says- just follow directions."

Now fall is here, but I saw goldfinch sitting on top of one of the flower heads, eating the seeds to its heart's content. It was such a beautiful sight, and such a personal experience for me; I had personally experienced what I had read about in the book.

The same is true when one reads the Bible. There are stories, parables, and truths galore. You may store up head knowledge and may be able to spout off scripture- chapter and verse! However, it is not until you have that personal encounter, when you really experience for yourself that Jesus is alive and with you now, that you become excited about being a Christian. At that point, all of the Bible reading you have done really "clicks," and you say " Yes, Lord! This is fantastic!!"

I am thankful for our Bible, for its truths are real and available to us each day of our lives. And, I'm delighted that God reminded me of this truth through a dried out cornflower and a goldfinch. He touches my life in the most delightful ways!

May your own spiritual eyes be open to God's miracles which are all around us as the leaves turn majestic colors and crispness is felt in the air!

Contributed by Marion Smith