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Copyright: copy / paste

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Greetings brothers and sisters in Christ,

I noticed some people here that have done some strict copy/paste of articles and not noted the copyright or the due credit required when posting/replying to a thread.

I caught one copy/paste from someone who got the short article from gotquestions.org and did not give due credit.

Please have respect and genuinity by noting/giving credit where credit is due. Do not try to make yourself look rich in wisdom at another's expense and time spent writiing the article originally.

God bless you.
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ohh opps I am guilty of that sorta... I typed out info I had about names of God .... I did not intend to make myself look over smart Iam sorry ... I will change it ... Sorry Chad ... God Bless your sister in Christ Bobbie
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I honestly did not notice yours. I noticed others actually that copied/pasted articles, added nothing of their own and did not give credit where it was due. It makes it look as if they want to look all rich in wisdom at another's expense.

God bless you