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Convoy of Hope - Prayer Request

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Dear Brothers & Sisters,
I'm asking for your prayers, for an evident that area churches are having that is called Convoy of Hope (National). The purpose is to provide goods, and services to those in need. Of course, with that being said, what we really want to do is spread the Gospel which provides true Hope. Delaware is not a big State, so though this may not compare to other similar events in terms of number. Each one is precious to our Lord, and to us as well.

We anticipate upwards of 3 thousands people, which reminds me of Acts and the 3 thousands converted. :smile: Wouldn't it be grand!

However, my prayer request thought hoping for that, is really that it all run smoothly, that Dover City be covered so that no incidents of violence occur, that the people who need help are reached, not only with material assistance, but spiritual as well. That all their needs may be met in Christ Jesus. Pray that all the volunteers, looks to be 300 to 400 hundred, are strong in faith, compassion, kindness and most especially love for the people who are so in need of help. That the Prayer Tent, with Prayer Warriors are strengthened and Holy Spirit filled to not only pray for those in need, but the laying of hands as the Spirit directs. As always in the name of Jesus Christ.

Thank-you in advance my brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus.

With the Love of Christ Jesus.
Glad to pray for God's covering of the event brother. Let the Holy Spirit move in the hearts of those involved.
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Just to let you all know how it went. Here are some of the statistics, and I'll lead with the most important one.

Salvations: 73
Over 3,500 people showed up, not counting workers/volunteers.
Churches: Seven were involved with this.
Grocery Bags given out: 5,000
Meals prepared: 4,000
Children's shoes: 1,620
Haircuts: 184
Stylist: 12
Manicurist: 3
Health Services servied: 1,200
Health Organizations participated: 15
Dental Checks: 24
HIV tests: 20
Alzehimer's: 25
Cancer Tests: 400
Job and career services: 485
Job and career agencies involved: 12
Veterans helped: 615

I could go on but you get the gist!

Sadly, I could not attend. I was looking forward to it, but the morning of, my back was tender. I knew if I went I would do whatever was necessary. Meaning my back would get worse, and with having to take a long drive to take my wife to the hospital Monday (tomorrow), I decided to stay home. Some decisions are hard to make, the desire to be of service is so great. Had me down and depressed until today, when I was able to find out the above information and found out that they actually had over 700 volunteers!!!

Well, thank-you for your prayers and if you find time one for my wife would be appreciated.

With the Love of Christ Jesus.
Thanks for sharing Nick, sadly I have only just seen this but we rejoice and give God the Glory.

May the good Lord bless all who took part, and all those praying for the event, including yourself at home brother.

We also lift you in prayer for healing for your back. In Jesus Name. Amen.
Staff Member
Greetings Nick @Christ4Ever

I have only just seen your post.

Praise the Lord for those souls that were saved! :love:

We never have large events like that here.

How is your back now brother?
And your dear Margarette?
Staff Member
Dear Sister, @Fragrant Grace
After giving my back some rest yesterday & today. It's not barking at me anymore! So, Lord willing I'll be ready to drive Margarette to her hospital appointment tomorrow. This was my concern, and the reason for not going to this event. My dear wife, is having her moments of depression over her disorder. Stubborn as she is (like most women), she continues to battle. Thankfully I was able to have my Son contact her when she was at her lowest. I know that just hearing his voice, would lift her spirits. This is something that all moms I believe experience. Something to do with having to carry them around for those 9 months :smile: Sadly, my daughter, still wants nothing to do with either of us. It's harder for my wife, then it is for me. I'm able to leave it in God's hands, but even with that Margarette still sees her as her little baby. Hopefully,my daughter's current hard heart will change, to a compassionate one. As always I can only pray that the Father will hear, and that it will be so.

Otherwise.......Life is Great!!! :smile: That those 73 came to the Lord on Saturday was awesome news! All Glory to God! Now I pray that they will now be discipled by someone in the Body of Christ in the beginning of this wonderful journey we are on. At least that is my hope.

As far as not having an Even like this where you live. Who knows, it could happen?
This was actually the first time it was done in the State of Delaware. The way it looks, it really driven by Churches banding together in order to be a focal point. Not really sure of all the dynamics involved, but here is a link to their site. I'm not sure they go international, but this might be a good place to start, to find out.

I'll let Margarette know that you asked for her.
My love to all Sister, and many blessings to you and yours.

With the Love of Christ Jesus.

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