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Contemporary Christian Music Stream - with permission

:note: :note2: :thumbs_up

Hi everyone. Mymakersdaughter gave me permission to post the link to a wonderful website that streams contemporary Christian music. You can listen and be uplifted by it while you're browsing these forums or in Live Chat....anywhere, anytime.

I checked out their Mission statement and their beliefs statement and found them to hold Christian beliefs. It's also commercial free and fee free. I hope you all enjoy. I sure do! GB! [edited by Yeshua no LINKS are to be posted without Chad's permission]

Thank you for the permission, Mymakersdaughter! :thumbs_up GBU, Sister!

Amen! :love:
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thanks for sharing this site...
i´ll check it out later.....
would now BUT i have to get ready for school!!!!

god bless
thanks for sharing...will definatly have to check this site out...love listening to christain music although I must admit one of my favourites is Carman