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Consummation of the ages

There are times in the Bible, where it talks about epochs and eons and ages.

In Matt 12:32; Jesus speaks of "this age" and "the age to come".

In the parable of the wheat and tares Jesus talks about the end of the age. Matt 13:40; Matt 13:49;

The disciples ask Jesus what will be the signs of His returning at the end of the age. Matt 24:3;

In Matt 28:20; Jesus tells the disciples I am with you... until the end of the age.

In Luke 18:30; Jesus defines the age to come as the time of "eternal life".

In Luke 20:34; Jesus says the sons of "this age" are allowed to marry.

In Luke 20:35; Jesus mentions some will be considered "worthy" to attain the age of the resurrection.

In Gal 1:4; Paul speaks of this present evil age that we live in.

In Eph 1:21; Paul speaks of Jesus's authority in this age... and the age to come.

I'm leaving several verses out here that speak about ages... but finally in Hebrews 9:26;
we see something called the consummation of the ages.


I bring all this up because it seems some people believe in something called "present kingdom
consummation". What that means is... this life we are living now is really all there is.
The kingdom of heaven is on the earth right now, and there really is no heaven beyond this.
They also believe the same about hell. This life on earth right now is hell for some people,
so there is no hell beyond that.


There are of course several problems with this doctrine.
First of all... it means their is no resurrection, and no eternal life... if this really is all there is.


Second it means there is no millennial reign of Jesus for 1,000 years. It seems some think this has
already happened, or some others think this is happening right now.


Some believe that the kingdom of heaven isn't really a place... such as the New Jerusalem
or a place up in the clouds or beyond (perhaps off in space somewhere) but rather, the kingdom
of heaven is really just a membership thing... kind of like being a member of the animal kingdom
or perhaps being a member of the YMCA. Some of this comes from Luke 17:21; where Jesus says
the kingdom of God is all around you.


... to be continued ...
In 1 Cor 15:23-28; it is partially talking about the resurrection here. But one thing some people
miss here, is in verse 24... "then comes the end". The end of what?

The thought here is that it is an end of an age. Jesus has to reign until He has put all of the enemies
of God under His feet. After that Jesus hands the keys of the kingdom back to the Father ( 1 Cor 15:24; )
and after Jesus does that.. Jesus Himself becomes subject to the Father. ( verses 27 and 28 ).


It may be that when Jesus says "this age"... that He is talking about the current state of the world.
and when He speaks of the age to come... he is talking the age of the new heavens and the new earth.
after He has returned the kingdom back to the Father.

... to be continued ...