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Congratulations sister Rachel!



I want to congratulate our sister Rachel, she passed her human biology exam with 98% and got the highest mark for 11 years and her son Jack is one of the school's 'gifted and talented' pupils, and in the top 2% of the population.

Rachel I am so glad that even with all the struggles in you life the past couple of months that God showed you favor and blessed you in this way.

This is an encouragement to all not to sit in a heap when life is pressing down on us but to go out and tackle life while holding on to God's promises.

Congratulations again and I do hope that you don't mind me posting this but I just had to, because I know that many have prayed for you and would also like to share in your joy.

Lots of love!:love::girl_hug:

Congratulations, sister Rachel. Wow, 98%? That is great! You and your son sound very smart.

May the Lord continue to bless you:love:
Thank you very much for your support. It has been an exciting time - I was very ill when I felt drawn by the power of God to find out more about the gospel. I had delusions and depression and the future seemed bleak. Now, over time, God in His mercy and goodness has shown me favour and restored my mental abilities and blessed me with the opportunity to study and strengthened me so that I can get good results.

My son has been blessed so much too, but I would value your prayers for him as he has yet to make Jesus Lord of his life.

Thank you - it means a lot to fellowship and know that we can help support each other - Praise God!

Lots of love,

Rachel :girl_hug:
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