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Confidence in Jesus through Faith & Grace

Staff Member
Lately, I've been learning a lot about TRUE faith in Jesus Christ in the financial area of my life. It wasn't that I ever directly (or indirectly?) doubted what GOD can do for me by what has been paid for by the Savior Jesus Christ. I've been reading so much I can't keep up with the books around me LOL. I've learned a few things including "worrying" is (believe it or not) a lack of faith in Jesus' name and pretty well enough dis-respectful to our loving GOD. After all, if we believe that GOD loves us enough to die on the cross and bear our pain should we not believe he loves us to help us financially as well? Of course!

So, I learned (ok it is hard when you're in major debt and operating two businesses) no matter what - first and foremost to get to know GOD deeper beyond ANYTHING of the world is the truest meaning of faith and love (the end purpose of our relationship with GOD). Amen :)

Greetings, thank you for sharing this. I realize that I'm a little slow on this reply, but God has really been stiiring my spirit lately & keeping me busy, Praise God!!! I like what you said about worrying. Worry is a form of fear & fear is lack of faith. We gain faith by reading the Word of God, amen? Also about money, one day the Father gave me a revelation about money. Our entire world is based on the all mighty dollar. We can't hardly do anything or go anywhere without it. I too have been in financial ruins, bad credit, bankruptcy, etc. But God spoke to me & said that I was merely a steward of His money. It wasn't my money. If I could only learn how to spend it on those things which edify Him & not me, I would be ok. I started watching my spendings more closly & learned that a lot of stuff I didn't really NEED. I learned that God places that money in my hand & I have to be obidiant to His will for it. And like the Word says, He will supply me with all my needs, which He has been faithful to do so. Don't get me wrong, I am responsible for my debts I accumilated & am striving to make them right, but my spending habbits have changed dramatically. Thank you Lord! May God's peace be upon you,

Romans 15:7