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Confessions of a Soft Drink

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Confessions of a Soft Drink - by Debbie Moody

First published in 1986 in Today's Herbs, a newsletter published by Woodland Books with Louise Tenney, editor. Reprinted about 10 years later in The Enrich Magazine.

Confessions of a Soft Drink

Hello. I am a humble, effervescent liquid. Humble? Well, that is debatable. Actually, I am quite proud of myself. Allow me to brag a little.

I fizz, sparkle, and bubble my way into thousands of people all over the world, every day. I HAVE MUCH POWER! I cause masses of humanity to make beelines for snack dispensers in plush, high-rise buildings. I stir men, women, and teenagers to dash into their cars late at night to speed to their nearest 24 hour convenience store.

To give me an appetizing brown tint, I contain caramel coloring, which has genetic effects and is a cancer causing suspect. I sometimes have polyethylene glycol as one of my ingredients. Glycol is used as anti-freeze in automobiles, and as an oil solvent.

The bubbles and fizz with which I potently burn human insides is caused by my phosphoric acid. The phosphorus in the acid upsets the body's calcium-phosphorus ratio and dissolves calcium out of the bones. This can eventually result in OSTEOPOROSIS, a weakening of the skeletal structure, which can make one susceptible to broken bones. Also, the phosphorus fights with the hydrochloric acid in human stomachs and renders it ineffective. This promotes indigestion, bloating and gassiness in many individuals.

I offer a selection of three types of sweeteners, according to the customer's preference. The sweeteners are: Saccharin or Aspartame in the diet type, and sugar or corn syrup in my regular drinks. These substances enhance my appeal and come disguised as 'good' for everyone. However, tastes can be deceiving! Let me explain.

SACCHARIN is an artificial sweetener which has raised some concern about cancer in laboratory animals. There are warning labels on containers in which saccharin is an ingredient. ASPARTAME, the more common "diet" sweetener, has been linked to convulsions, depression, insomnia, irritability, weakness, dizziness, headaches, mood changes and mental retardation. SUGAR and CORN SYRUP can induce both HYPOGLYCEMIA (low blood sugar), and HYPERGLYCEMIA (high blood sugar), in susceptible individuals. Hypoglycemia has been linked to mental illness and hyperglycemia to diabetes. Sugar gives you a lift or burst of energy, then sends you crashing down to severe fatigue. To get another charge, more sugary drinks are consumed. This pattern exhausts the adrenal glands and leaves a person with a chronic tired feeling.

GORGEOUS! THAT'S WHAT I AM! I come dressed in a shiny metal can in various colors and tints. Sometimes I am silver, sometimes gold, sometimes blue, red, etc. I beckon and dazzle shoppers as they stroll past me in the supermarket. On a HOT DAY, I am especially ATTRACTIVE, and hands reach for cases of me to share with friends at picnics and parties. However, I am very tricky. My thirst quenching liquid, which is alluringly encased in a the aluminum can, contains traces of the same metal. The acid in the soft drink eats away the aluminum , which floats around until it is ingested by the consumer. Aluminum is a very toxic substance and builds up in the human body. It has a particular affinity for the brain and has been linked to the degenerative senility affliction, ALZHEIMER'S; Disease,

Many times humans think they can LOSE WEIGHT by drinking me in the "diet" form. NOT SO!

My high sodium content helps them retain water in their bodies, and they become edemic. The kidneys and bladder do not function properly after a long habit of soft drink intake. The sugar in me destroys the beneficial flora in the colon and constipation results. This locks the toxins in the body so they cannot be eliminated properly. The blood is not pure, as a result, and the cells are
affected. In order to lose weight, fat must be flushed from the cells. The enzymes responsible for aiding the process of fat release are paralyzed when they are poisoned, and so cannot do their job. People DEFEAT THEIR PURPOSE when they try to lose weight by drinking me.

In conclusion, I would like to admit there is not a smidgen of humility in me. I am very EGOTISTICAL! I am MASTER over much of the decision-making ability of the human race. HA! You don't believe me??? Look on school campuses, in city parks, at ball games, in business offices, at street corners...anywhere there are people...SEE YOU AROUND!

The above page about soft drinks comes to you from the Pain Research Institute.
Staff Member
Talk about an eye opener on the common drink :)

Thank you for sharing. I'm glad I hate soda with a passion

Water, green tea, 100% juice fruit all the way!
same here..had my first soft drink in about a month today, and that is becuase mum bought it for me...i love water, but I also have a soft spot for liptons green iced tea.
Reading this just makes me dislike soda even more.
My older sister drinks soda more than water/juice and I tell her that it's not good for her.

Soda ultimately causes health problems.
I volunteered at a nursing home one time and I remember looking at a woman drinking a can of grape soda with a straw.

The nurse lady told the woman, "Ms. Susie (I can't remember her name), now what did I tell you about drinking them sodas?"

Everyone kept playing bingo, eating various snacks and just having a fun time.
"Mrs. Susie" mumbled to herself and kept drinking the soda anyway. Nothing could make this woman stop drinking her soda!
Hello everyone :) I remember posting here a while back,
and I wanted to let you all know, after I read this article,
I asked God to give me the encouragement to stop drinking
sodas. I realized God never wanted anything bad to enter my body,
for my body is a temple for God. It took a LOT longer than I thought
to not want to drink soda. I never knew how addicting it was.
But now, I have made it a habit to not drink soda. And I havent for the
longest time. I have now gone 4 and a half months without one soda.
I feel its a small time, but a very big thing for me :)
I still crave a soda sometimes, but I have discovered by accident,
that I am more addicted to apple juice and 100% fruit punch LOL.
Ok and maybe some chamomile tea...and I now prefer water with
a squirt of lemon juice in it...

God Bless :) and thanks for posting this article ^_^
Great article

Thanks for sharing with us!

Struggle with this but with discipline I plan to limited it.
Juices still have a ton of sugar in them.

My husband is diabetic so we try to get things with 'real sugar' in them...mostly stevia. We found this drink called zevia. It's an all natural alternative to soda. It has a small amount of sodium, made with stevia, the flavors are all natural. And it tastes good.

Do a search for it if you are interested. I drink two cans a day. (and I still am losing weight! :-D )
I really enjoyed reading your post. I only drink diet soda, but no, it is not good for you either. It may not have the calories and sugars that regular soda does, but I can still tell it has an effect on me.

My older brother has finally quit drinking so much soda. He is 29 and has always been huge on Mountain Dew and Coke. He would drink at least 10 full cans of Coke a day! Luckily is he naturally very skinny, but still, SO awful for your teeth! Not to mention all the other problems!:shock:
Juices still have a ton of sugar in them.

My husband is diabetic so we try to get things with 'real sugar' in them...mostly stevia. We found this drink called zevia. It's an all natural alternative to soda. It has a small amount of sodium, made with stevia, the flavors are all natural. And it tastes good.

Do a search for it if you are interested. I drink two cans a day. (and I still am losing weight! :-D )
I just realize they have this at my local grocery store and I plan to go check it out.

I just bought some of that Zevia drink and it is great. It has great taste but none of the aftereffects of sodas.

I got it at kroger for $5.29 w/kroger card.
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