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Here is another poem I had written in '98...It is ringing true to me right now in my life, but God has answered my prayers :)


I hear you calling
although you are far away
I can hear your voice
I would know it any day.

The problem is I cannot find you
no matter how hard I try.
Satan is pulling me away,
and he's sucking me dry...

of the faith that I once knew,
the voice I could hear,
Now all I long for
is for you to hold me near.

I want to be your child
I want you to be my dad
I want to live my life for you,
to have what I once had.

From my own selfish ways
I have lost my path.
I want to ask for forgiveness,
I want to come back.

I need your hand to guide me
so I do not stumble and fall.
Because where I am now,
I need your strength for it all.

I'm confessing this now
so I don't pay for it later.
Because if I wait any longer,
I will be suffering even greater.

Please take my confession
and my life again,
Because this time I know
I need you to live.
that is a extrodinary poem!!!!!
I love it
And i am so happy that you found your way back to christ.
I hope to see some more poems from you on here.