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Computer Scientists And Election Lawyers Urge Hillary Clinton To Challenge Election Results

Discussion in 'News Stand' started by Blunder_Duck, Nov 26, 2016.

  1. POLITIC USA 11-22

    Think her camp is trying to exploit the campaign nonsense about Russian hackers is what I think.
  2. She's a sore loser and an experienced criminal. America voted and Trump won. The losers can't move on gracefully.
  3. Grace isn't the first thing that comes to mind thinking of Hillary Clinton.

    Now she appears to have enlisted a front woman to do her graceless complaining about the results on her behalf. Jill Stein. A third party candidate that finished fourth in the election is challenging the results in key states. Minnesota, Pennsylvania and one other. She's making a fortune in donations at the same time. And while the money rolls in her own website tells naive people with more money than common sense that not all funds donated will go toward the recount effort. But it will go into her pocket! In a round about journey to get there of course.

    And I remember when the Clinton campaign put a bug in the ear of certain people enlisted to help her by proxy, like Stein is now, so as to start a new attack on Trump. Asking, why doesn't Donald Trump admit he'll concede the election results if he loses the election?
    Probably because no candidate looks to lose while campaigning to win?

    Now look at what Hillary's doing. She conceded! But not really. Which translates in cloaked lib-speech to, she lied!
    Those who are surprised haven't been paying attention to her 30+ year career in politics. Hillary is allergic to the truth.

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