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Discussion in 'News Stand' started by Chad, Aug 24, 2015.

  1. Today is our urgent Supreme Court deadline.

    President Obama is forcing Christian nuns to support, subsidize, and pay for abortion pills.

    The faith of Little Sisters of the Poor compels them to care for the poor and needy. Yet the abortion-pill mandate compels them to violate their faith.

    We’re aggressively fighting to defend the religious liberty of pro-life nonprofits.

    We’ve won 7 critical cases for Christian business owners – including at the Supreme Court – protecting their religious liberty against the abortion-pill mandate.

    Today, we’re filing a crucial brief at the Supreme Court to defeat the abortion-pill mandate once and for all.

    We’re facing the unlimited resources of this pro-abortion Administration and its Planned Parenthood allies. We need your vital support.

    Your tax-deductible gift for life will be doubled, dollar-for-dollar. We only have one week left, and we’re 11,997 donors short of our August Matching Challenge goal.

    Will you give $5 as we defend life and liberty at the Supreme Court?

    Have Your Gift Doubled Before Our Supreme Court Deadline.

    Jay Sekulow
    ACLJ Chief Counsel

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