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Community Guideline

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Welcome to Talk Jesus Forums
If you are an unbeliever, it is likely you've been led here by GOD so you may learn about His love for you found in Jesus Christ alone. We welcome you with open arms!

Our little motto...
a community for serious Christians & those who seek Jesus Christ​


  1. Treat others with respect when posting
  2. No profanity
  3. No links (or any web addresses) unless you meet 2 requirements
    • 50 posts minimum in the forums
    • request Chad's permission via private message
      (no web addresses permitted at all in signature and profile)
  4. No false teaching of Scripture. We teach what the Holy Bible says only
    • this site is not for preaching any religion at all. It is solely 100% about the Holy Bible and Jesus/GOD.
    • any religious promotion outside the Bible or debates against the Bible's validity will result in a warning, then account closure if continued
    • Do not gossip
  5. Cite author(s) when copying / pasting articles
  6. Provide Scripture when making a biblical point
  7. Abide by forum posting etiquette
  8. No soliciting anywhere on the site
  9. Share Talk Jesus with everyone you love :)
Advice: Pray before you post advice for others

Rules for Signatures & Avatars

  • Option available only to those registered at least 30 days and have 10 forum posts
  • No custom avatars. Choose from our selection.
  • No images in signatures
  • Maximum one smiley icon (small size only) in signatures
  • No advertisements
  • No links / web addresses
  • Maximum 2 lines (approx. 50 characters max per line)
  • Maximum 2 colors
Rules for Posting in Forums

  • Proper Editing Guideline: (click here to read)
  • Max 2 colors allowed
  • Do Not Post
    • only smilies, no text
    • one word responses
    • double post
    • all CAPS (considered shouting)
    • private information (phone #, address)

You get a simple warning via private message if you break a rule. Please respect the community. Its a privilege to be here, not a right. You get banned immediately if you curse, insult someone else.

Chat Room & Shoutbox Etiquette

  • minimum 5 forum posts required to gain access to live chat
  • no flooding
  • no insulting
  • no gossiping
  • no prayer interruption
  • no solicitation
Photo Album Rules

  • Clean family friendly photos
  • Comments must be polite and Christ mannered
  • No provocative photos allowed

By participating in this forum, you understand that all your content uploaded including posts, photos, files and anything made public anywhere on this website, become the intellectual property of this website. Any requests for account or content deletion remains solely at forum owner's discretion and final decision.
Not open for further replies.