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Common sense & pregnancies

(Gosh I am on a roll with questions today)

I like to ask my fellow Jesus Lovers questions. God has actually turned me away from asking non-believers or have Demon Faith (People that just "believe" in God but live as if he doesn't exist) questions & I love it!!!

Anyway, My question or comment or both is this: A newly married couple of 2 years have now 3 children. Back to back since the wedding day. I get that population thing but my ordeal is - Why not hold off on the whole kid having days for a couple years? I mean, God did install common sense in his sons & daughters. The economy is not at the greatest level & how can a newly married couple get to know one another when their popping kids out back to back? I think it would be a struggle. Not only a struggle but a battle trying to balance God, husband/wife, kids, new house & all that. I have always said that just because a couple can have kids doesn't mean they should never stop having them. My nephew who is only 22 & his new wife are who I'm referring to. They haven't been married a solid 2 years & just had their 3rd baby & I don't see having babies coming to an end anytime soon. He works part time whenever he's called. He is willing to work full time plus overtime but where he lives there are not a lot of jobs. My nephews mom told him that using protection, getting fixed or the like is "selfish" to God. I don't buy that what so ever. I could be wrong though so that is why I am posting it here :)

Thank you so much in advance for any & all replies.

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