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Commandments For The 21st Century

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Commandments For The 21st Century

~ Thou shalt not worry, for worrying is the most unproductive of all
human activities.

~ Thou shalt not be afraid, for mostthings we fear never come to pass.

~ Thou shalt not cross bridgesbefore thou comes to them.

~ Thou shalt handle but one problem at a time, leaving the
others to The Lord until theirproper time.

~ Thou shalt not take troubles to bed,for they make poor bedfellows.

~ Thou shalt not try to carry theproblems of the world on your
shoulders, for only One hath a back that strong.

~ Thou shalt be a good listener,for God often speaks through the
mouths of others.

~ Thou shalt not try to relive yesterday, for good or ill, it is gone
forever. Live and rejoice in today.

~ Thou shalt dismiss feelings offrustration, for they are rooted in
self-pity and interfere withpositive action.

~ Thou shalt count thy blessings,never overlooking the smallest,
for our biggest blessings are oftencomposed of our smaller