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Coming Back

Coming Back

Lord, I thank You for Your Peace, and the Comfort of Your Spirit

I have longed for that release, ever since I walked away

I regret that deeply Lord, and know how far I've fallen

I'm lost without You Lord, and I so need You today

but I'm unworthy, undeserving, of the Love You show for me

And the Mercy, the Forgiveness, You showed on Calvary

My Lord You look inside the heart of every man

Look at mine Lord, coming back to You again

I've lived a lifetime's worth of folly Lord,

fueled by anger fear and pride

Hiding shame behind my arrogance, locking guilt up deep inside

Still throughout all denial was a gnawing at my soul

A desperate cry for help through my lack of self control

For I knew You Once my Savior, when I was but a child

before the pain and guilt and shame led me to be wild

And the absence of Your Presence Lord

was cause for anguish and despair

No substitute replaced it, that void was always there

For Only You my Jesus, can fill that place within

Only You my Savior, can cleanse me from my sin

Only You my Sovereign, Can Forgive this man

my Lord, I'm coming back to You again