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Colour blind

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I hear people celebrating
In all corners of Africa and the world
Switch on the television the same story is on
Clicking on the tiny window to get connected globally(internet)
I see it`s the same chapter unfolding
In the streets of Johannesburg, Darfur, New York, London Islamabad it`s all the same
The press headline is all the same
Yes we are speaking, we are talking and celebrating
First time ever

Iam happy too
But it`s high time the world should change
It`s high time Children of God should be colour blind
It`s high time we should see the world in the eyes of the Lord
Let`s celebrate victory
Victory of change and victory of new leadership of America
Giving glory to God
And God sees us equal irregardeless of who we are
What color we are
And the part of the world we live in
Yes let`s celebrate this victory not mentioning about color anymore
Globally connected we are
And spiritually connected in one place as children of God

God loves you America
God loves you Africa
God loves you Asia
God loves you Europe
God loves you Australia
God loves you Newzealand
Whereever you are right now God loves you
He`s right by your side
We are all one in him
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