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Colossians 2:1-10

Foundations of Belief

The world offers us many philosophies from which to choose. We are told that we can mix a little of this with a bit of that and create a suitable belief system. In Colossians, Paul warns of this dangerous attitude. He says we are instead to build up our relationship with Christ so we can resist the world's deception.

Imagine an empty lot with only a cement foundation on it. That is what our life looks like after salvation. All the rickety, humanly designed buildings are removed, and a new foundation is laid: Jesus Christ. For the believer functioning in the Spirit, every action, motive, and deed builds on the indestructible rock of God's Son. When we construct a house, we choose quality supplies like cedar shingles and brick rather than wood chips or styrofoam. Similarly, our Christian life must be built with good material—service, prayer, sharing our faith, and obedience. Wrong motives, disobedience, and sinful choices weaken the construction.

Building a solid house of faith on the foundation of Christ is a long process. As we learn to communicate with our Father, trust Him to care for us, and meditate on Scripture, we add to our supply of building materials. If we are wise, we will not cease working until our final day.

A faith house which is erected with righteous actions and attitudes cannot be blown down by adversity or penetrated by the wind of false philosophy. The strength comes not from our effort but from the foundation upon which we have built. We stand firm in Jesus Christ

In :love: of JESUS the Christ, Our LORD.
:love: Yeshua
Amen Brother Amen ! That is awesome I just have to say once again I am thankful to be around such great brothers and sisters to where I learn daily Joyfully ~ Jlu
Staff Member
Great post. This is very important to understand for all new believers specifically who are starting out in their walk with GOD. Jesus Christ MUST always be there in ALL decisions you make in life. You will never truthfully find anything in this world where GOD should not be involved in, regardless of the matter. He sees all, you should make Him part of all in your life.
Registered Member
Jesus is Lord!

Yeshua "We stand firm in Jesus Christ"

Hi, Yeshua!

Amen! (I love your colorful text.)

Your Sister in Christ,
Dr. Bon Vie
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What a blessing it is to sit at the feet of the wisdom of God ! And how much greater will my blessing be , if the bearer of wisdom is also my friend !

:love: :boy_hug: Mike