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collect things

hmmm...I looked at the attachment and there is only writting of the Months on it...it would be cool to to see what you collect.
I have actually just started collecting gift cards. Especialiy holiday ones. They have nice designs.
your sis in Christ, Julie.:love:
I like to keep certain greeting cards aswell, especially ones from my family overseas. Just can't bear to part with the pretty ones.

I collect postcards. Whenever my husband and I travel we've always bought postcards. And if friends or family travel, I always get them to mail me a postcard of their destination. Sometimes the postcard photographs capture more than we can with our own camera.

I use to have a large collection of rabbits, stuffed toy ones, ceramic ones, pictures etc, but I parted with alot them.

I have alot of books, don't know if that counts as a collection!

Your friend in Christ:love:
I used to collect TY beanie babies well sort of they were usually presents but just the same I thought they were cute. Now I think thier in a box downstairs somewhere. Other than that I don't collect very much other than eggs from our chickens. :)
I collect piggies! I have over 100 pig items in my kitchen.. (the only place my hubby will let me have them lol) My hubby made some of the avatars and mine is one of them..he says he made it special for me! Now thats love ! lol