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I just noticed that Coconut has been made a Moderator!

I don't come here often and I post very little. But I must say that I think having Coconut as a Mod is an excellent addition!
And I hope that anything I say or do won't be held against her!

But Coconut is such a faith-filled believer and an amazingly amusing human being! She's a wonderful person to laugh AND cry with! :love:

Congratulations, Coconut!
aw thank you Peanut, your walk with God has been
my biggest inspiration! :love:

And I hope that anything I say or do wont cause Chad to
ask you for that wad of bubble gum to put a plug in something

Thank you, Glory to God
Thank goodness I was'nt the only one to notice. I thought there for a while I was slow!
Hey coconut, just curious here since your name and everything, have you ever tried coconut before?

I haven't and I want to, but just wondering. Oh and I mean the kind that comes in a nut, not a bag.
LOL! "the kind that comes in a nut"

Who you callin a nut!


I love coconuts in the shell, not as sweet as the shredded,
but very tasty, and VERY good for a gals complexion! :embarasse

Congratulations!!! :love: I don't know what to say to you, but...may God guide you to keep this forum as it is, a big and beautiful family!!!:)

God bless you!