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Clue When 2nd Coming Of Jesus Christ

Yes it is written that no one can pin point the exact time when will Jesus Christ will return but it is also written that when we see the dark clouds gathering, it will be raining very soon, Jesus said that.I'm sorry don't know exact verse in the Bible.As a father loves his children or son by giving him clues so that a son may get the prize or a blesing from him, so our Faher God is.He gives us clues when will be the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ but not the exact time. We can however pinpoint the season, and that is the day of the Feast of the Trumpets.I Thes.4:16 says that at the sound of the trumpet or shofar, Christ will come. And it is at this time that the shofar is blown.God our Father is so good that He wants us to prepare ourselves at the coming back of Jesus Christ that He gives clues.I'm not saying it is this year but at the season of the Feast of Trumpet. The FEasts of the Lord is the blue print of the future. God bless us. Peace is with us.
It's Good to prepare for the event

Personally living in the Bay area SF that is it is easy to see the clouds coming and everything else!When I see the natural disasters around I think it's a pretty good lesson to be prepared.I am particularly interested in the ring of fire and its recent phenomenon.Mount Pinatubo in the Phillopines was the first really well predicted eruption. Things are cranking up if we have a few large eruptions around the world The skies will really be something to behold.The instability of the earths magnetic field be it natural or man encouraged is an indication of a polar shift that occurs regularly over the milllenia that will create big holes for solar radiation to get to the surface of the earth Yikes!!!!.Peace JHS Christan