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Staff Member
Clouds - August 22, 2005

Not long ago, as I awoke early one morning in San Destin, Florida, I heard the sound of the waves rolling onto the shore. The consistent and rhythmic beauty of this sound always gives me the feeling of peace. That particular day was so dreary; a very gray morning. However, the overcast skies gave the whitecaps the most lovely, frothy pure white appearance.

As my eyes moved toward the sky, I observed a most beautiful full moon peeking from behind the clouds. I began to think how this setting has been here since the beginning of time. God's hand created this panorama; how awesome He is and how completely beyond my finite comprehension.

The clouds floated past the moon in a lazy, unhurried manner. Sometimes they blocked my view of the moon completely. However, the wind would push them on their way, and I could once again see the light.

Sometimes the clouds of life seem to block my view of God, just as those clouds had blocked the moon. I am thankful that the Holy Spirit comes and blows away those clouds of fears, heartaches, sadness and trials of life. When this happens, God enables me to see the Light clearly once more, and to experience the full beauty of it.

Without the clouds, I would not have appreciated the majestic beauty of the full moon. Likewise, without experiencing difficult and unpleasant times, I would be unable to fully cherish the light of love, grace and salvation which God has shed upon my life.

Clouds of life will return for all of us; sometimes in wispy, cobweb like form; sometimes so thick and dark that our view may be completely obliterated. Oftentimes they interfere with our vision, but the good news is, I know God is there for us, just as I knew the moon was there this morning.

Thank you, Lord, for your unfailing presence, your ever-ready, outstretched arms and your divine love for your children.

Contributed by Marion Smith

Thank you for that Chad. God is to be seen in the beauty all around us, and this is a super story to come out of the clouds. My favourite place has to be where I went on a ladies weekend last year - the Mourne Mountains were right behind us and the sea in from of us, it was so beautiful and God spoke to me a lot there. He really is an awesome God, and I can't praise Him enough.
:love: sunshine307