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We all know that Jesus was not born on 25th Dec,but sometime around in April.Also a 'Pope' (I don't remember his name) had started celebrating Jesus' B'day on his B'day i.e. 25th Dec. since they could'nt find Jesus' actual B'day.Also around that time Romans had some sorta festival,so you could say Christmas has it's roots down in the pagan Rome

So what do you'll think,it's okay to celebrate Christmas?

I personally think ,people love celebration,maybe that's why they don't wanna go against the tradition.Nah..I ain't against celebrations or something,but dont you think it's kinda wrong to use the supposed birth day of Jesus for a Christian celebration?
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"Thinking" and "believing" every wind of writ or word, without going to the Word of God, is the cause of a whole lot Christians "straining at a gnat, and swallowing a camel." ;)
Paul said: "When you eat or drink or do anything else, always do it to honor God. Don't cause problems for Jews or Greeks or anyone else who belongs to God's church."
Some should make special note the "don`t"
How does this relate to the subject of christmas? I may make a feast or celebration centered around my 'faith' and to give honor to my God, even tho there may be those Christians who cannot partake of my feast or celebration because of a weak conscience, viewing my celebration as idolatry (as Paul addressed in Corinthians 8) Does it matter to me what the origins of this celebration were, or if someone got the origional date wrong? Why should it?
Paul said feel free to eat meat offered to idols, even while sitting in an idols temple, and pay no regard to these, for a (pagans) idol is nothing. Imagine that.
I should not celebrate the birth of my Lord, because pagans worshipped another god(s) on that day, or because they still do? Utter nonsence!
I know who God is, and who it is I worship, and why I celebrate Christmas :)
Uh,,oww....I was'nt trying to say that having a Christian celebration is wrong,It's just that instead of calling it a day when Jesus was born(don't you think it's a wrong to say that Jesus was born on Christmas if you know what I'm saying)..You just think of it as a day to honour Jesus in a very different way...Look I don't look for arguements and all that...
Anyways Coconut sorry that you kinda felt a bit angry
lol...no reason to say oww Naomi, i`m adamant perhaps, certianly not angry :)
If I don`t know what day someone is born, but I celebrate their birth anyways...what wrong can be found in that? Jesus is honored when we honor Him, its as simple as that.
well i think we should celebrate christs birth al year round i thoink its cool 2 have 1 day 2 celebrate jesus' birth even if it is the wrong day
I agree with you from the ends of toenails to the dandruff in my head (lol) nean!!!!!!...We should celebrate the B'day everyday