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Christmas Love

This is not my story, personally. But in these darkening times where Christmas is a word that must be whispered in most schools rather than openly spoken, I found it very uplifting.

The Bible teaches us that all of the languages of Mankind were given to us by God *as an admonition* for wrongdoing (the attempt to build a certain tower....).

It should then come as no surprise that thousands of years after that event, using a language as "modern" as English, the Lord could still work His holy message into a secular "winter break" celebration.

[edited by admin: no links without permission. You were private messaged automatically with forum rules yet you broke them on your first post]

My apologies, when your rules said not to "advertise" links I thought you didn't wish to have non-related links posted to the forums...such as people's businesses and such. I also completely forgot about the 50 post requirement before posting a link. I shall carfully review the rules to make sure I don't make any further errors.

Well I'm far from 50 posts...so I will skip the link and recount the story in paraphrase here:

Some children at an unnamed school were going to put on a "Winter Holiday" play. The school had already removed "Christmas" from most of the celebrations and paperwork, and one boy's parents were rather woried that in such a school, the holiday festivites would be secularized to the point that the true meaning of the season would be lost. Their son was in the chior. They were a Christian family.

The boy's mother was going to be unable to attend the "main" performance because it would conflict with her work schedule. It just seemed like everything was going wrong. But the chior teacher made arrangements for everyone who couldn't attend the "main" performance to come to the final dress rehersal on saturday. Of course the boy's mother was quite happy to go.

At the rehersal, she was very surprised to find out that the children were going to be singing a song titled "Christmas Love." After all, the school had eliminated most Christian themes from the holiday celebrations. Be that as it may, the children all stood and sang the song, each turning over a letter until they would all spell "Christmas Love." Her son sang his part and flipped his letter, and all the other children did the same.

One little girl flipped over her letter, but she was holding it upside down. Chuckles started to slip from the audience as people began to notice what had happened. The girl had no idea the laughter was derisive and she just held her little letter up that much more proudly. Each letter was spelled out individually and each child would hold up their letter then put it back down. C-H-R-I....

At the end of the song, every child in the front row .. including the little girl and her upsidedown letter ... held up their letter to be read. Snickers of anticipation wafted around the room from parents waiting to see the blooper of the upsidedown letter again. But when the children all lifted their signs a very solid hush fell over the crowd.

The child was holding her letter upsidedown again.

But what it did was turn the M in Christmas to a W ... and what the sign the children held up created because of that innocent girl's upsidown letter was the following message:


Marry Christmas,
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