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Christmas Lights in the garden

Each year I put up lots of Christmas lights in our garden. I centre the display around a doll in a crib to represent the baby Jesus. Many cars drive slowly past, sometimes stopping to let the children out to get a closer look at the infant child. Parents can be heard explaining the events of the very first Christmas night.
Because I am getting older I told a few of my friends that I might not bother with the decorations this year.
What an uproar!...
it seems that this is a special time for my neighbours to walk the children past our home on these balmy night (it's summertime in Australia) and feel the peace and joy of the season.
Needless to say....once again this advent season the cars are slowly driving past my display and the chatter of children fills the air.

This is one Christmas gift I can't afford NOT to give.

Granny that is wonderful. While you are able don't ever give up putting up your display. The story needs to be told. :sun:
God bless you! It is so wonderful that you do this for the people in your community to share the good news of Jesus! One thing I cannot stand which some people may disagree with me is people putting up an idol of santa clause, what does he have to do with our Lord and Savior. God bless you Granny and I hope that you will be able to continue to do this for years to come through Jesus. What a wonderful Christmas gift you are giving! In love, your sister in Christ, Amber.
don't stop this wonderful message, if needed find a teenager to help out, family, friend, this is a very important time for this message to be out for all to see.