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Christmas Blessings

Discussion in 'Introduction' started by liveforjesus60, Dec 25, 2011.

  1. I am a new member and am not as computer literate at this chat website yet. I will learn as I work through it with the assistance of the hosts. I Love Jesus and this holiday season is especially hard due to the loss of my Mother in Feb. 2011. My sisters, brother, and neices, nephews miss her terribly. She was 87 and loved the Lord very much. I know she is in heaven and looking down on all of us. She is happy with the Lord Jesus walking & talking with him.
  2. G'day liveforJesus,

    It's beautiful we have the godly hope and promise of seeing our loved ones again.

    Welcome and God bless.
  3. Blessings to you agua - Thank you for your your insightful reply, I truly want to fellowship with all the members. Christ is all we have left, this world is just not right for me. Try to minister to others who have not accepted the Lord, it is something I believe Jesus wants me to do. Just handing out a tract or saying "Have a Blessed Day." makes me feel like I am working for Jesus. He gave his life for me, I owe him everything.

    God's Blessings to you this Christmas and always
  4. Welcome to the community liveforjesus60. I'm terribly sorry for your loss but as we live each day in hope of the coming of the Lord ounce more and remembering His promises; i wish you a nice stay here at TJ as you grow closer to the Lord. Blessings in Christ
  5. Thank you Skipbeat for your kindness. My son was upset with me yesterday, he advised that my being depressed and grieving was selfish of me. Something he learned throught ministry with a nun. It is okay to grieve, but it is selfish of me for my family to be locked in a depressed state. Truly the nun (sister) who told him this was true, I guess the Lord Jesus would want me to be happy my Mother is in heaven, she was devout in her spiritual life, avid bible reader, fellowshipping, and no more Altzheimers for her in heaven with my Father (who passed in 1968). And my brother we lost in 1993 at 40 years old. it is okay for me to sad to miss her, but I am happy she is now with Jesus in heaven walking the the Garden

  6. You're welcome :wink:I'm truly glad for you and your son. Glad that he had someone to teach him something so important and glad that you had him to help you realize something also dearly important. It's difficult to have so much lose and not feel stuck or lost yourself. It's a hard time we go throw when we loose someone important to us but as we keep remembering God's wonderful promises we can go through each day at a time. God bless you and your family liveforjesus60.
  7. May the Lord Bless You

    It is so true, and I am feeling much better since my son and I had that discussion. I miss her, but she is happier now with the Lord in heaven.

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