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Christians that don't believe in giants

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Your very first comment back to me -- you are changing what has been stated in Scripture to what it Must Have been Because........it doesn't agree with Your concept of .....

Angels are NOT in the same category as People are. That which applies to Angels does NOT apply to people. God created them and us Differently.

People rebel because they disobeyed God's command to Not eat of that fruit.

Without eating of That particular tree -- they Did have everlasting life. No problems at all. But people that God created Adam and Eve were Not Sons of God. They were the start of mankind.

We are sons and daughters of God only through our choice of salvation. God becomes our personal heavenly Father. Jesus Christ is the Only Son of God / the second person of the Godhead.

Sure - Eve Could have ignored the snake but she didn't. Once that fruit of knowledge of good And evil was 'tasted' -- it became part of them. It passed on to everyone / people/ the propensity For sinning. Sinning is in our 'nature'.

Your last comment -- yes, God IS all-powerful.

Because God has already told us that He created the angelic world Different From Us.

Because He Didn't.

You're Trying to use His omnipotence to have Him do what You want Him to do. You simply need to accept that God created angels the way he did and us the way 'we' are. :smile:
There is no difference between the soul/spirirt of angles and the soul/spirit of a flesh human being. The only difference is their body make up. Angles have a finer or spiritual body where as a flesh being has an earthly or a body made from dust of the earth. The souls/spirits of both are the same.

Sue, Adam and Eve were not the first two human beings created. I know your more well read than that. You must have forgot what you’ve read. Genesis clearly says that God created man, both man and female on the sixth day and Adams name has not been mention one time. Then God rested on the seventh day and Adams name still has not been mentioned. Go back and read what God had Mosses to write. Adam was formed by God Almighty after He rested that seventh day and not before.

God created many children on the sixth day but only formed one man after He had rested on the seventh day. And God then took a rib from that one man that He had formed and made him a female help mate, named Eve. God did not unite any other man or woman together except Adam & Eve. The only male and female God matched up. Why? Cause as mentioned before, Adam and Eve were a special man and woman in that this would be the family that the Christ would be born through. This is the family that God would teach His word to first and then scatter through out the world for them to teach the other people. That’s what made them Gods chosen people. God didn’t loved them anymore than the rest of His children but the family of Adam and Eve had a job to do for God.
@Beresheet -- I have my Bible right here beside my computer as I'm typing 'this' as I Always do. And, yes, on the 6th day God created mankind in Our own image and they were given dominion over the entire animal world. Now I see where you're getting that which you are getting. It's the Hebrew way of stating and then explaining in more detail. It's like writing a paragraph about a certain subject. A person starts with an overview of the subject and then progresses to explain in more detail in the rest of the paragraph.

So -- 'we' / mankind/ are being told the Big picture of creation of everything in the world. Every day of the week of creation. And mankind Was created on the 6th day including our role and being 'over' all other living part of creation here on earth. Going on to chapter 2 -- mankind is told How the very first man was made/ formed/ and continues to say that the man needs a companion - so Woman was taken out of the man. And then the man and woman were joined together - instituting marriage as a man leaving his parents and being joined to his wife.

In chapter 3 -- After the two of them disobeyed God in the garden - vs 26, the man names the woman 'Eve' because she was the mother of all living / future generations of people.

Then in chapter 4 - mankind is given the name of the man / Adam. Adam and Eve conceive and Cain is born.

So - over the length of 4 chapters - the narrative is unfolding / the 'paragraph' is being completed in the opening of Chapter 5. A verse summarizing the creation of mankind and the chapter goes on with a geneology of Adam's family. Vs 5 tells of the death of Adam at the age of 930 yrs. Vs 3 is telling of the birth of Seth and we are Also told that Adam had other sons and daughters. so we know Now that there were at least 3 children , Cain, Abel and later Seth. Plus other sons and daughters born to Adam and Eve.

As for the make-up of angels -- all Scripture tells us is that they are of the Spirit world. And that they Can take on the appearance of men here on earth. And there Is evidence of that in the Old Testament. But 'appearance' is referring to what 'we' can see as human beings. Mankind, us, can Only see outward appearance. Only God can see the 'inner person'. So -- You are applying your knowledge of Our 'make-up' to that of the angelic/ spirit/ world. But it does Not apply. 'We' are Not created the same as the angelic world.

What You are doing is taking the generality of mankind being created and translating it to mean lots and lots of lots of people Being created. When - in fact- Adam and Eve Did have lots and lots of children before Adam dying at the age of 960 or so years. That's Nearly 1,000 years of having children and those children growing up and having children, etc, etc.

So - yes- Adam and Eve Were special -- they started the human race.
Sue I’m glad I got your attention on God creating many men, both male and female, on the six day. God rested on the seventh day. The number 7, stands for spiritual completeness. God completed all His works and created multiple men and women then rested the whole seventh day. Gen 2:1 Thus the heavens and the earth were finished, AND ALL THE HOST OF THEM. Sue my dear one, a HOST, is way more than just 2 people. You have to look deeper than what the traditional church system teaches on this. God made many human being on the sixth day, both male and female. Then rested the entire seventh day. Gen 2:3 God blessed the seventh day, and sanctified it: because that in it He had rested from all his works Which God created and made.

Now God has rested the whole seventh day and now He begins creating in another fashion after that seventh day. Last part of Gen 2:5 for the LORD GOD had not caused it to rain upon the earth, AND THERE WAS NOT A MAN TO TILL THE GROUND. Sue what does it mean when God says, AND THERE WAS NOT A MAN? That’s exactly what He meant, there was not a man to till the ground yet. God had not formed this man yet. Gen 2:6 But there went up a mist from the earth, and watered the whole face of the ground. 2:7 And the LORD God (FORMED) one man of the dust and breathed into his nostrils, HIS IS SINGULAR, the breath of life; and this man became a living soul.

God has now FORMED one single man and calls him, THE MAN. That (THE) means that particular man, not just any man, but that particular man. God had created all the way up to here and now He’s saying wake up, I’m doing something different here. God saying I’m forming this special one for a special reason. God even forms some more animals and birds and brings them before THE MAN ADAM to see what he would call them. And to make it even more special God takes a rib from THE MAN, and makes him that special help mate. See how much time God has devoted to these two. God even gives them names to go by. God didn’t name those created on the sixth day. God didn’t match any of them up with each other. Sue you got to see that these two were a very special pair for that special birth of Christ.

Sue, on the spirit thing, that should be easy to understand what Christ says about the angels and the human beings/flesh man. I’ve mentioned this before but I guess you didn’t catch what Christ said about what happens to us humans when we die in this flesh body. Matt 22:30. But are as the angels of God in heaven. Christ saying when we die in this flesh body, our soul and spirit take on a body just like the angles in heaven. Matt 22:32 I am the God of Abraham,and the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob? God is not the God of the dead, but of the living. All three, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob were of that pure seed line of Adam and Eve. So was King David. We are knocking on the door of, THE KEY OF DAVID.
Beresheet -- It's true -- I Do understand Where you got your Misinformation from. I was taking time to show you From Scripture what was Really happening. Your interpretation Of Scripture does Not agree with what Scripture IS saying. You Got my attention Enough to take time to share Scripture.

Your comment about 'the whole host of them' Genesis 2:1 -- well -- there were lots of planets and stars and animals which were created along with the two human beings at that time.

Maybe 'the traditional church system' as you refer to -- teaches creation as Bible tells it.

Your Matthew 20:30 passage " For in the resurrection they neither marry nor are given in marriage, but are like angels in heaven." meaning that angels neither marry or are given in marriage so neither will We. Meaning that the marriage relationship is only for here on earth. It sounds like you're saying that 'we' become angels in heaven. But we don't be come angels. We Will receive a glorified body like Jesus Christ had after He rose from the dead.

Adam and Eve were Not a pure seed line. As a result Of eating that fruit of that tree -- they acquired knowledge that was not intended for them to have -- that of the knowledge Of both good and Evil. They needed a Savior which was provided for all of mankind. Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were all sinners -- just like we are today. The 'key' is that of the shed blood of Christ on the cross. That 'key' unlocks the door to heaven, but only as a person applies the 'key' to our hearts.
BTW -- referring to your post # 84 -- I Did notice your referring to me "Sue, my dear one" -- yes, my name Is Sue -- the rest of that phrase isn't really needed. Too much familiarity. thank you for understanding my request.
Thought I would try to explain more about when I make the statement, the pure seed line of Adam and Eve. I’m not saying that Adam and Eve were the mother and father of key players in the Bible. I’m saying that there was always a pure seed line from Adam and Eve although it was through one of their children, and their children,and their children down the line all the way to Christ. Adam and Eve were the start of the pure seed line of the Adamic race. They were not the first two beings God created.

God keeps up with this seed line of Adam and Eve. For instance, Matt 1:17 So all the generations from Abraham to David. Pure seed line from Abraham to David.. Joseph the earthly father to Jesus was the son of King David. Mary was from the tribe of Levi. The priesthood of the twelve tribes of Israel. Joseph was from the tribe of Judah, the kingship. There again there was always two pure blood male and female from Adam and Eve to the birth of Christ. God Almighty seen to it.
Beresheet -- your term 'pure' seed line bothers me. Humanity began with Adam and Eve. The genetics of being people continued on through Noah and his family. But it was not 'pure' as in being sinless.

God was letting us know that humans did Not develop from a form of chimps or 'whatever' animal that developed into people. There is a definite separation between the animal world and people. And , yes, Adam was the first man and Eve was the first woman. No people before them.
Sue you must use common sense and reason out what you are saying or believe. No way could Adam and Eve be the first man and woman created. God’s natural birthing of humans or animals or any of Gods creatures is kind after kind. A pure blood Caucasian man and woman will only birth pure Caucasian children. A pure blood African man and woman will only birth pure African children and so on.

Adam and Eve were the first two Caucasian man and woman God created but that doesn’t account for the other races that God created, which were created on the sixth day. Adam and Eve were not the parents of the black race, the red race, the yellow race and so on. Your understanding of Adam and Eve being the first two human beings created is flawed.

God created all the other races on the sixth day, He rested on the seventh day. And after His day of rest He makes the statement, GEN 2:5 THERE WAS NOT A MAN TO TILL THE GROUND. After making that statement God formed Adam.

When Cain was kicked out of the garden of Eden he traveled to the land of Nod and there he took a wife. These people that lived in the land of Nod were some of the other races that God created on the sixth day.

Your believing that all other men and women of different races or color came from Adam and Eve is so wrong. God’s natural scheme of reproduction is kind after kind. There is no way Gods other races of His children came from Adam and Eve.

Look up the name, Adam in the strongs concordance. That very name means the reddy complexed man. One that shows redness in his face or one that blushes. CAUCASIAN MAN. KIND AFTER KIND. GODS NATURAL SCHEME OF REPRODUCTION.
Beresheet -- take a look at Genesis 11 The Tower of Babel. vs 1 - 9. This passage tells exactly how the various language got started and the various people groups got started and Why they got started.

After the world-wide flood, God told Noah and his family to spread out / multiply. Vs 1 says "Now the whole earth had one language and one speech. vs 2 And it came to pass, as they journeyed from the east, that they found a plain in the land of Shinar and they dwelt there."

They decided amongst themselves to settle and build themselves a city and a tower. A tower as high as their eyes could see.

vs 7 "Come, let Us go down and there confuse their language, that they may not understand one another's speech."
vs 8 "So the Lord scattered them abroad from there over the face of all the earth , and they ceased building the city."

In the process of finding 'other' people who spoke their same language, they formed people groups and various genetic similarities 'came together' and eventually the various 'races' came to be.

And over time -- people of the various races have inter-married and the various colors and features have become more and more mixed.

And, yes, very definitely Kind produces More of that Kind. People produce more People and animals produce more of Their kind.

Adam = the man. Unger's Bible Dictionary -- Hebrew - adam, red ; hence -- adamah, the ground. God Did create him , Adam , from the dust of the earth, the ground, some ground is reddish / clay.

So THAT answers your question.

Like I've suggested -- read Genesis 11.
Sue that make no sense at all. People speaking different languages has nothing to do with changing their race. Come on Sue you know better than that. After Noah’s flood it would still be kind after kind. Genesis said that Noah’s family was pure and had not mixed with any other race. In fact it said that Noah’s family was the last eight pure blood Adamic souls left upon the earth. All others had mixed with the other races, the fallen angels, and the giants. Gen 6:9 Noah was a just man and perfect in his generations. That means Noah and his family were a pure blood from the seed line of Adam and Eve. Noahs family had not mixed with any other race. That was the sole reason God picked Noah and his family to survive the flood. BECAUSE THEY HAD NOT MIXED OUTSIDE THEIR RACE. THAT WAS THE KEY POINT.

Sue you got to let that main stream church tradition go. People adopting a different language does not change there race or blood line. How ridiculous. Not trying to belittle you Sue but use common sense. It is ALWAYS KIND AFTER KIND. It’s God’s natural scheme of reproduction. NEVER NEVER NEVER HAS A LANGUAGE CHANGE, CHANGE THE RACE OF AN INDIVIDUAL.

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