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Christian Writters


i've been busy this past few days..setting up a site for fellow christians.

i'm now looking for people thta fit this category:

* Poem writters

* Articles

* Bible Study

I've open up the site so that christians all over the world can submit
any published or unpublished materials...so that the bosy of Christ will be blessed.

The requirement is that the articles are 100% yours and NOT copied from
another site. :)

Anyone intrested?

basically i'm looking for volunteer editors..:)

Thank You

God Bless

the site is:

[edit by Chad: link removed...your banned. read the rules! they apply to you also! no links without permission!]
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Staff Member
I removed the link. No links without permission. Some people are just too selfish and naive to read the forum rules. They think they can just click 'agree' and the rules do not apply to them. Wrong. I also do not appreciate the same rules being broken by the same person repeatedly over and over again.

Be humble and respectful to Talk Jesus and pay attention to the forum rules. They apply to you if you are any of the following:

1. Human
2. Male or Female
3. Member of Talk Jesus

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Thank's for the Reminder Chad...

Love Simon!!!

1 i am Human as far as i can tell
2 i am Male well @ leats i hope so for my sake and Amiz prob does also
3 well i hope i am a member?? :( any one disagree??

Love simon!!!