Christian Terrorism?

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No surprise here. Planned Parenthood is nothing but the devil's tool. Of course he'll attack GOD and us Christians with stupid labels like this.
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Planned Parenthood attack an act of 'Christian terrorism'?| Latest News Videos | Fox News

It seems some news agency want to coin a new term called "Christian Terrorism".

I have my suspicions about the reasons here... but I don't think they're really that hard to see.
. A true Christian would be against abortion but would not kill anyone. Planned Parenthood is guilty of murder and this despicable person who did this crime is as guilty as they are and no Christian at all.
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nO COMMON SENCE IN THE WORLD TODAY. Sorry caps was on. People, even some Christians, seem to think that no common sense has become a virtue. I think some people just don't want to be bothered.

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