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Christian Teens in public schools

hello, i'm a pk who lives in a small town, unfortunatly, the only christian high school has very high tuition, so i do not attend private school.
our public school in town has an average graduating class of 200 or so, i guess what i'm saying is, how do you personaly witness, live, react, in yoyur public shools?
well freay, i currently attend a "atheist" (if you will) high school that is full of thriving young minds, and i find that the best way to "shine" is to just be yourself. be happy all the time, let others know that it is a joy serving God all the time. if that doesn't work, because there are those skeptics out there, try studying on christianity. read reports about how evolution is wrong, and how God be proven by science, etc....or you can write a persuasive essay on the subject, i have found that to benefit me both and the reader. i know what is like because i am the "bible dude" at school. i hope this has a helped somewaht, and keep trying, keep praying, and never give up. God bless!
Hey freya,
I kinda fell into the title of the "Christian kid" on accident for standing up for a hoodie that i am supposedly not allowed to wear. So as for getting known for being a christian, i cant really give ya anything to go off of, but i would like to say that you'd be supprised how many people are believers in a school... my school was looked at as primarily a racist stuck up bunch of kids, but i run the christian youth group in my school, and its amazing how many attend. When it comes to how you act around others, it helps me to imagine that Jesus is always with me. I know he actually is, but if i was to be walking around school and Jesus was physically beside me.. would i be doing or saything some of these things or not doing some of those things? I dont think you always have to be happy, but showing people that you can be happy in bad situations is a great way to show others you are different. The bible tells us that God called us out of the world. Because we are called out of the world, we will be different from them. They'll notice. Always remember, that if people hate you, or persecute you, that they hated Jesus first, and they do the things they do to you because of Him. Have you ever heard of a think called 30KD? Its the 30 second kneel down... every morning when i get off my bus, i go to my locker and kneel at it for however long.. doesnt have to be 30 seconds exactly, and i just pray over the school and all the students and faculty in it, and that all the Christians will have the strength to be a light in the school, and for His will to be done. I think if you just act how you act in church, or if you dad was around, inside of school, would have an impact... i ended up rambling..sorry. I dont think i actually said anything productive
Hey freya,

Umm.. I can definitely see how it can be hard to be a Christian in a public school. Um, I attend a 5A school in a city in the "Bible Belt". Alot of people claim to be Christian, but really aren't, and its hard to let the world know that you are sincere when others aren't.

One very important thing to remember, as a Christian, is that, you must humble yourselves and be a servant. Being a Christian is not about condemning others to hell or about being prejudice against people of other "religions". Being a Christian is about Loving God, and Loving People. Remember what it says in Philipians 2?? Jesus, being in the very likeness of God, humbled himself, and considered himself NOTHING. Wow! Remember, that as a Christian you are a Christ-follower, and that means you are to do exactly what Jesus did and humble yourself, and man that is something I struggle with daily! Remember, Jesus came for the sinners... not for the perfect little Christian who knows all the sunday school answers. And, buddy, if God placed you in a school full of sinners just like you and me, then that's where He wants you and He wants you to be excited about the Gospel and share it with them.

My friend and I were talking this morning about how if we truly believethe gospel, then it'll be something we can't stop talking about... because how can you not be excited about a Man that came to earth, lived a perfect life, healed the sick, rose people from the dead, made blind see, died for you and me and he himself ROSE from the dead... THAT is AMAZING!!! and I had to examine myself after that conversation, and ask myself: Do you truly - i mean whole-heartedly - believe all of this? ... Then why aren't you running your mouth about it? Why aren't you proclaiming it LOUDLY like you should be?

At school, who do you want people to see? A preacher's kid? or Jesus in You?
there are some Christians in my school but not very many actually profess their faith.

so i'm one the few Christaians in my school that actually profess their faith.

and yeah, last year i got picked on lot for it and i still do. people told me to not wear my Christian shirts, that i'm weird, too Christian, and even too churchy.

i couldn't stand not wearing Christian shirts so i kept wearing them. i don't understand why they think i'm wierd. And my youth group leader told me its not possible to be "too Christian" or "too churchy".

And i was talking about something Christian at school and someone told me I sound too much like her preacher. i think she meant it to discourage, but it made me start thinking, 'hey maybe i could be a preacher'.

i don't know if that helps, but those are some of my experiences at school.
I go to a public school and I think I'm the only true beliving Christian student in my school. It's not easy but God gives me the strenght and I truly belive and pray for people that need it.

Lord, please give us teenagers strenght to go to school every day and face a whole school of nonbelivers and fakes, please give us the strength to defend you every step of the way, and let us not be scared because we know that you are with us and that with you everything is possible, we pray this in Jesus name, AMEN
Yes it will be a good idia to open more christian schools. I think to speak with kids about Jesus in the schools is a very good idia.
it can be very hard witnessing in a public high school. there are so many temptations, and the desire to do what you want makes it easier to give in to those temptations. but pray and God will give you strength. plant the seed, like God says, and ask God to use you for His will. ask Him to speak through you. have a calm and positive attitude when talking about God, people respond better to that.

be careful not to sound like your judging someone when talking to them about Jesus. our job isn't to judge, but to spread the Word of God and to praise Him in everything that we do. you'd never want to turn someone away from the Lord.

"Let no one despise your youth, but be an example to the believers in word, in conduct, in love, in spirit, in faith, in purity."
- Timothy 4:12

sometimes, all we can do is be a good example. let it be known that you're living for Christ.
be kind, and loving always. even if people don't see it now, they may later on in their life. they'll look back and remember you, that you were saved by the Lord, and they'll remember the example you set for them. and you planted the seed, so even if it takes a while, they still can change. always pray for the non-believers.
God can move the hearts of man through prayer alone.
I was talking about this in another thread. Theres a lot of stuff I see and hear at my school that isn't Christian, and I don't like it but theres not much I can do about it on my own. So I wear my armor of God to school and then it doesn't effect me. I try to be cheerful and be a good example. Everybody who knows me knows I'm Christian.

Also, in my science class we studied evolution for a couple of weeks. I did what I was supposed to and I got an A on the test, even though I wrote down at the bottom, "I don't believe any of this stuff.". When I got the test back, the teacher wrote beside it, "Me neither, but the state requires me to teach it."
Hey I have been to both a Christian and a Public School.. grade 1-3 Public 4-9 Christian 10-12 Public.. I actually enjoy the Public school more believe it or not.. One time in the Christian School my Bible teacher was teaching a lesson and a verse came to my head that went against everything she was saying.. i looked it up to make sure it said what I thought and it did.. I didnt take the stand but a guy in my class did and said the exact same Bible verse that was going through my mind,, and the teachers like we will talk about that after class I waited to see hwat she would say and shes like I dodnt apprecate you saying that infront of the class and shes like you must e taking it out of context now i am done here and left.. something isnt right there.. everyone lived a two way life in my class swore outside of class on break even.. i didnt wanna hang with them anymore than my teacher prayed please help for me to hang out with the others in the class out loud and said i was depressed I was so embarrassed.. the way I look at is someone has to be the light and salt of the earth.. if all the Christians are in a Christian school whose gonna reach the lost? Alot of people I have come to find have been hurt they have reason why they dont like Christians its our job to prove to them that Christians are no different than regular people we mess up and do things we shouldnt but we try to live our lives for God and basically I think that means loving the people.. not doing what they do because we are not of this world but taking a friend out for coffee letting them talk to you about there troubles and what not and you can say like who you struggled with that too if you have and they realize that..everyone struggles they are not alone because remember when the leaders of the Chruch said why is Jesus sitting with the sinners?? Jesus Replied that a doctor doesnt help the healthy he helps the sick..Jesus wants us to to be the Church all week .. the Church is people who come together on a weekend to be eqquippted, encouraged, empowered, inspired and challenged to go live the gospel of Christ in there little courner of the world and that is where life is found.. :)
There are so many things that are different now then when I was in school.

We had a bible study in high school in the Chemistry room since the teacher was a Christian.

I think that there is problems in both school settings.

I went to a 'Christian' college...it was more liberal really. :-S Saying...or implying that homosexuality is okay, etc.

Some people have this idea that Christians are perfect, but that isn't true one bit. Of course, some Christians act like they are perfect...:-S

How can we lead people to Jesus if we are just as blind and need leading as they are?

That is why it is Jesus' job to save not us.

"Preach the gospel at all times -- If necessary, use words."
-- Saint Francis of Assisi

I think this quote from St. Francis...tells it all. Our lives...what we do can speak more than what we say.
I think I can contribute a little to this thread:

I too go to a public school, and yes, it is also hard for me.
There are people that don't think I am 'cool enough' to
hang out with, or people that think I am 'too nice'
when in reality, I am a normal person, who is full of faults.
The one thing I know makes them think these things, is just
because I am Christian. I carry my Bible with me to school,
and I read it periodically, most of my friend ask me for help,
and I try to refer to my Bible for the answer. A lot of people
say that I'm weird for doing so. One person even said
I was a Bible thumper! Although I am sure that person
doesn't even know what that means xD
I pretend that it all doesn't exist though, and I let God
give me courage to go to school, and be who I am, and
be a cheerful person. I try to show people that Christians
aren't all as bad as they seem. ^.~