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Christian Romance Books

i know i know this is probly been posted alot but do u guys know any good christian romance books? i really need something to read...oh and i also read some amish christian romance books....

love ya in Christ,
heey Bailey

You should read :

  • When God writes your love story
  • When dreams come true
by Erice and Leslie Ludy ( there are many other books written by them)

they are awesome..

love u in Christ
Let's see my favorites:

Lori Wick

Francine Rivers

Tamara Alexander

Tracie Peterson

To name a few great once...

Oh and Brock and Bodie Thoene (Tay-nee)

Those are great authors.

Some day I hope and pray that my name gets on there...I'd like to be a writer some day! :)
I also just discovered a really great author, her name is Denise Hunter. She has a series out. I can't remember the series name or much, but its a really good book. If you have read anything about Karen Kingsbury, she is very similar to her.
Wonder whether this helps,

I read a book written by Ted Dekker and the founder of Campus crusade for Christ (hope he aint the same dekker). Its set between the middle east and Ethiopia. It has something to do with the search for the ark of the convenant; but it is driven by a powerful love story

I cant recall the title as I read it a few years back, but check Ted Dekker may hve other good books
Here, are a few books my daughter, had me to read by, Jane Kirkpatrick

All No Eye What Once We Love
Together Can See
in one
Maine By Carol Mason Parker
couples torn apart are Reunted
In Three Historical Novels.
I always like Francine Rivers or Lynn Austin. Both really good!
I also have a part of a book series by Janette Oke and Davis Bunn, novels about the time after Christ died. Really good books! Kristen Heitzmann is good too..

and old English writing are always nice. Love in a proper way.
Like Jane Austen (of the movie Pride & Prejudice).
christian 'romance' is just the romantic fantasies of a christian woman rather then a secular one.

maybe you should seek the lord over whether he really wants you reading that stuff.

(we all have to marry 'real' husbands one day don't forget.) unrealistic expectations can cause a lot of pain. and when masked by christian platitudes or traditions, that pain can go a lot deeper.
That is very true Sharen.
These books lead you into more lustful things and really have a miserable marriage because you imagine and expect your marriage to be or become according to the books instead on the Love of God through Christ Jesus.
The Word says that, satan appears like an angel of light...

I also understand that I have taken part in sharing Christian romance books earlier in this thread but the Lord has indeed opened my eyes.

Praise God

God bless you