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Christian Rock: Suggestions?

Staff Member
Ok, let me give you a bit of my musical background. I grew up listening to hard rock. I watched MTV by the time I was 5 (lol funny eh?) and I'm 25 now (I hate MTV, praise GOD). My fav band of all time is and was Guns N' Roses. Secular, but it was the bloodline of music for me. I've listen to GNR since I was 8 yrs old and never stopped since then. I love the pure adrenaline, straightforward rock punch in your face kind of music. Don't get me wrong, I don't praise or preach anything secular to others, bad messages or drugged up music. It is true that many music is inspired or created on drugs. Just like these guys were as were just about every hard rock band on the scene when they debuted in the 80's

Now, I am trying to get into Christan music. I love Rebecca St Jame's "breathe" and "God of Wonders". Totally drastically different from GNR but still catchy and soothing for my taste, qualifies for my ears :)

I still seek that loud punch, adrenalized rock music equivilent to GNR. Regardless that they are secular rock band (or were) back then, no rock band that I know of can top them off. Its not about opinions or tastes, just the rarity of such a band to come out and change the music scene and provide timeless music. Not common (nor has music world seen such 'music changed industry' by any band since nirvana possibly).

I have seeked some Christian rock bands but wish to not waste time trying to find who is good, but instead come to ask you brothers and sisters to guide me to those Christian rock bands as good as Guns N' Roses.

Who do you recommend? I've heard (names) of many like Jeremy Camp, Relient K, etc. Please keep in mind that GNR is still my musical blood. The *music* is untouchable for me and I play guitar, so I know what enjoyment I get.

My problem is I'm just about 75% deaf and lost my enthuisiasm to play guitar. I feel helpless and frustrated that the sound is not crystal clear and enjoyable for me any more. I would LOVE to start my own band and praise GOD with my genuine style. After all, music is not sinful. You can take the digraceful message away from marlyn manson's songs and the music is still fine (albeit in mm's case inspired by drugs apparently).

So point is that I want to find Christian rock bands with that same strength and adrenaline as GNR's music. I'm all about adrenalized and energetic music.

And then, please pray that GOD will heal my ears so I can bang out loud some praiseful rock a billly notes :) LOL.
Chad , First of all I want to say thank you for being honest ! I also listen to allot of different music ! Music was a way of retreat from an abusive childhood and is my favorite hobby . Don't cry , by Gun's and Roses is one of my favorites ! I know of many Christian bands that have the punch you are looking for but let me get back to you very soon . Right now I love slow intimate worship , but I also have a massive collection of music . I have been collecting music my whole life ! The bands you mentioned are not what you are looking for , although they are good . Let me go through my collection , and pray . Mike
Phillar is pretty hard and good but if you are loking for something a little more varied on tastes but still has amazing guitars in (coming from a guitar addict) Hillsong United, Kutless the United Praise cd from Delerious and Hillsong and some newsboys. Relient K are pop punk
Hi Chad

Its good to hear you are not listening to MTV anymore. I m glad you are looking for a good Christain alternative. However, I am too old to like rock music, lol . I ve never been into rock all my life so cant help you there. And like you said about the drugs and music - there is a spirit behind that so I dont listen to any of it. I listen to comtemporary Christian Music. If you like a variety tho - have you listened to Carmen? most young people like him and he has different types of music. What about Byron Cage? His is not rock but WOW does he ROCK!!!! I feel like a teenager when I hear him sing " The Presence of the Lord is Here" ! Some may think it gets the adreniline going but I know its really the Spirit of the Lord flowing that's so exciting. In one review he is called the king of praise and worship and says this song is "sung to a driving rhythm. " I havent yet located a site that has a sample audio of that tho . Maybe someone can help me out on that. I d sure like for you to hear it. I do know most music store now have demo CD s you can listen to so you can make sure you find the song you are looking for.
Staff Member
Thanks everyone. I tried to listen to some samples and just cannot get into them :(

Its alright. GOD will guide me as he knows best what I crave in my heart :)

I do thank you for researching for me. I will do some research still.

God bless
Try Pillar, Kutless
others that have been questionable as to there Christian messages include...
POD and Creed

I hope you find something you can sink your teeth into. I used to listen to secular music constantly. It was a big part of my life. Today I listen only to contemprary Christan music.

God bless,
P.O.D. i heard is no longer Christian, actually I was informed that they are now totally anti-God.

But Kutless is awesome! I love those guys, they make me smile.
Staff Member
Thanks alot everyone :) Keep bringing them!

Yes, POD is def not Christian.

I'll try the others suggested
Hey chad listen to Elvis doin some gospel,its hardly G`n`R but that guy has got a voice like warm treacle.Man,im just getting way to predictable......
missionary05 said:
P.O.D. i heard is no longer Christian, actually I was informed that they are now totally anti-God.

oh man thats to bad i remember buying one of their first tapes about 7yrs ago at a local christian book store.. i guess fame and $$ can make ppl turn from God pretty quick.. :thumbs_do
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strypes said:
best gospel song recorded by Elvis was written by rock star Mylon Lefevere(atlanta rhythm section-broken heart)
Without Him
Elvis Presley

(Words & music by Mylon R. Lefevre)
Without Him I could do nothing
Without Him I'd surely fail
Without Him I would be drifting
Like a ship without a sail

Without Him I would be dying
Without Him I'd be enslaved
Without Him life would be worthless
But with Jesus thank God I'm saved

Oh Jesus, oh Jesus
Do you know Him today
Please don't turn Him away
Oh Jesus, my Jesus
Without Him how lost I would be
Without Him how lost I would be

I beg to differ strypes.
It has to be"How Great Thou Art"
Im right and your wrong-lol
OK this is coming from a christian rock junkie here... I think you should check out Bride or Stryper, they'd probably be in the guns n roses category. I personally like harder music such as Underoath, Blindside, and Project 86. Either way you should really check out christianrock.net or christianhardrock.net (which I'm listening to right now), they are both online christian radio stations that rock. One just a little harder. And definately ask about other guns n roses typish bands in their forum. There are people there that like that kind of music more than I do, and can help you out way more than I can. Good luck!
You should look into buying demo's, christian record companys put together some good ones. I'd sugest any of the solid state ones, they have some really good christian hardcore and metel bands signed, or tooth and nail. If your into good guitar parts look into extol they have some really good music.
I must admit I used to watch MTV everyday pretty much, but praise God, He has delivered me from that. I don't know if you would like these groups but theyre pretty hard rock, well to me anyways(lol) ....Skillet,Pillar,Thousand Foot Crutch, Day of Fire(theyre really good!!!). Anyways you should give those a try. God bless!!!!

(Galatians 2:20)
I really like Rock, too. I am trying to get away from bands like Evanescence, Green Day, Avril Lavighn, Twisted, those kinds of hard rock stuff. Nothing in that music is really good to be listening to, and I've tried to back away from it.

Some bands that I have found that are awsome, and are Christian are Skillet, 12Stones(Lots of screaming, which I love) Underoath(Again, lost of screaming, which is my fave) POD or Payable On Death (They are sort of rap/rock kind of, you know what I mean? I mean, they sort of rap their lyrics, but their really hard Rock) Those are some of the awsome Christian bands I know of.

I wish you luck in finding some good Christian Rock stuff. I know its hard to stop listening to bad music, becuase the stuff gets in your head, and your flesh loves it. I'll be praying for you to try and listen to some better stuff. Music can really effect our walk and everything.

Well, God bless!
Staff Member
Thank you everyone for your suggestions. I've come to a point where I wish to live on GOD's annointing to write my own "awesome rock". There is a few problems on that though. I'm nearly deaf, I've lost creativity over the years (playing guitar since '91) and do not practice guitar like I used to back in the day. However, it is a dream and whose to say it cannot come true? Praise GOD for the gift of music!